President's Message

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The Maryland Historical Society is your starting place for exploring the people, places and events that shaped Maryland’s past. Whether you are a student researching a paper, a teacher in need of a lesson plan, a family looking for fun things to do, a collector of rare objects, an amateur genealogist or a lover of period clothing, furniture or rare documents, we can help. You will find everything you need right here – including links to activities, guides and holdings at other Maryland historical sites and institutions. Quickly access the information you need, or let our experts point you in the right direction.

Maryland Historical Society: The Destination

Spread over block in Baltimore’s historic Mt. Vernon area, the MdHS houses more than 50,000 square feet of themed exhibits and a library stocked with seven million books, maps, photographs, periodicals, oral histories and original documents. Here, a devoted team of historians and curators works alongside writers and performers to discover and dramatize true stories that entertain, educate and enlighten.


At the Maryland Historical Society, we seek to entertain as we recount, with accuracy and authenticity, great stories from Maryland’s past. This vision drives everything we do. It guides us as we shape exhibits, build collections, sponsor special events, plan historic tours and bring our new History Expos to life. The reason is simple. It is in the retelling of things past that we can share our passion for history and send you on your own private journey of discovery.


Burt Kummerow, MdHS President