Brackets For Good Baltimore

**UPDATE!!! The Brackets For Good Baltimore Tournament starts February 24, BUT we have been given a BYE WEEK, so we automatically advance to the 2nd round!!  MdHS gets in the game MARCH 3RD!  

Maryland Historical Society has been selected to participate in Brackets for Good Baltimore Tournament!

What is Brackets for Good you ask? 
BFG is a single-elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournament where 64 Baltimore non-profits compete to raise donations and awareness for their organization. During each round, the Maryland Historical Society will be paired in a competitive match-up against another non-profit.  $1= 1 Point, so in order to advance to the next round, we need to score more points (raise more dollars) than our opponent. After advancing, the points are reset and the fundraising match-ups continue until a champion (hopefully us) is crowned AND wins an additional $10,000!! The best part? Every team gets to keep the money they’ve raised, so everybody is a winner!

Check out the video below to learn more about the March Madness of non-profit fundraising.

Ready to get in the game? Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!
Round 1 of the tournament begins on February 24, but MdHS has been given a bye-week and automatically advances to the second round!

·          Round 2 Starts on Friday, March 3 at 8:00PM and runs until the buzzer goes off on Friday, March 10 at 7:59:59.

·          We need your help!! To sink the shot and score those points ($1 =1 point), go to once Round 2 of the tournament begins (March 3), click on our logo, and donate!

Every dollar raised is critical in our efforts to preserve Maryland’s vibrant history! This tournament is a wonderful (and fun!) way to show your support for the Maryland Historical Society, as well as learn about other non-profits in our community! 

Check out which Non-Profits are competing in the BFG Baltimore Tournament here: