Association Against Prohibition Amendment Clippings, 1916, MS. 1544

Association Against Prohibition Amendment Clippings, 1916

Maryland Historical Society


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Association Against Prohibition Amendment Clippings, 1916
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Association Against Prohibition Amendment Clippings, 1916

MS. 1544

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Content

This collection is composed of copies of newspaper, newsletter and theatre program clippings; and copies of fourteen broadsides arguing for the wet vote in 1916.

Foldered separately is the series, The Vital Issue, a full page ad run daily, except Sunday, from October 2 - November 6. Two No. 18 ads were printed; one on Saturday, October 21, the other on Monday, October 23. Perhaps to compensate when the mistake was discovered, there is no No. 20 in this series of 31 ads. All copies in this series were originally printed on page 4 of the Baltimore News.

The following publications are represented in this collection:







Academy [Theatre] Program






Annapolis Capital


aka Evening Capital




Auditorium [Theatre] Program






Baltimore American


aka The American




Baltimore County Sentinel, Highlandtown, Maryland






Baltimore Journal of Commerce






Baltimore News


aka The News




Baltimore Sun


aka The Sun




Baltimore Star


aka The Star




Baltimore Trades-Unionist


aka B.T. Unionist




Brunswick Times






Catonsville Argus












Colonial [Theatre] Program






Daily News, Frederick


aka Frederick News




Detroit Free Press






Emmittsburg Chronicle


aka Weekly Chronicle




Evening Sun






Ford's [Theatre] Program






Frederick Citizen






Frederick Post


aka Post




Gayety [Theatre] Program






Gayety nl [newsletter]






German Correspondent






Labor Leader






Jeffersonian, Towson, Maryland


aka Towson Jeffersonian




Maryland [Theatre] Program






Towson Union News


aka Union News




Palace [Theatre] Program


Container List

Box 1

n.d., August 2 - November 3, 1916




Box 2

November 4 - November 17, 1916




Broadsides, n.d., [September, October]




The Vital Issue, No. 1-31, October 2 - November 6, 1916




Mary E. Herbert

May 29, 1997