Names E - G Finding Aid, Portrait Vertical File

Special Collections Department, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society

201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201



Cataloging and Digitization completed through the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


*Indicates cross-reference
MF numbers are catalog numbers that can searched in the catalog for more information


Earickson, Kate.; 1 print

Earickson, Rose.; 1 print

Earickson, Rose.; 1 print

Earle, Hon. James T. Member of Legislature. 1878; 1 print and 1 negative.

Earle, Richard Tilghman. 1868; 1 print

*Earle, Judge Richard Tilghman. See: Daguerrotype Coll.

Early, Thomas - [ca. 1870].; 1 print

Earp, Carlyle Reede.; 1 print

Eason, George W.; 1 print

Eaton, George N.; 1 print

Eaton, George Nathaniel; PPVF; (from Baltimore Past and Present).; 1 print

Eaton, Molly.; 3 prints

*Eaton, Miss.; See: Brune Family at Wye, Group Photo.

*Eaton, Miss Susan.; See: Daguerrotype Coll.

Eccleston, Rev. James Houston.; 2 prints

*Edmands, Elizabeth B.; See: Daguerrotype Coll.

Edmondson Family. Dr. Abrams Painting 1955 (or Sketch).; 1 Negative.

*Edwards, E.A. and Slave, David Green.; See Tintype Coll.

*Edwards, Miss Elizabeth.; See: Daguerrotype Coll.

*Edwards, Mrs. J. Weley.; See: Daguerrotype Coll.

Ehrlich, Robert. ca 2003-2007. Inscription: "To Helyn, with very best wishes! Gov. Robert Ehrlich Jr." 1 print.

Eisenbrandt, Frederick. (1864-1944); Acc. No.: 73399; 1 print

Eisenhower, President Dwight D.; 1 print

Eisenhower, Dwight D., McKeldin, Governor.; 1 print

Eisenhower, Milton Stover. See Barton, Carlyle 2 prints

Elder, Mrs.Geo.Howard (1802-1888) (Ellen North Moale) acc. no. 65881. Owned by Mrs. E.N. Carothers, Jr.; 1 negative.

Eldridge, James.; 1 print

Eldridge, Mrs. James.; 1 print

Elkridge Harford Club. Elkridge Hunt Club. 7 prints and 1 negative.

*Ellet, Elizabeth Fries Lummis.; See: MF 179. P74. P55; Vol. 2, page 1142

*Ellicott, Andrew.; See: MF 179. E44. B; page 15. Also MF 179. E44. M; Frontpiece

*Ellicott, Andrew. 1754-1820.; See: Prints Coll.

*Ellicott, Benjamin.; See: MF 179. E44. B; page 33

*Ellicott, I.; See: Prints Coll.

Ellicott, Miss Mame.; 1 print

*Ellicott, Joseph.; See: MF 179. E44. B; Frontpiece.; See Prints Coll.

*Ellicott, Capt. M.C.; See: Prints Coll.

*Ellicott, Sarah.; See: MF 179. E44. M; page 44

Ellsworth, Col. Elmer E.; ! print

*Elvers, Charles Franklin.; See: Photo Coll.; B-62 (Richardson)

*Ely, John.; See: Prints Coll.

Elzey, Maj. Gen. Arnold, CSA; 1 print

England, H.G., St. Pauls Rectory, 1906. 1 print.

*England, Mr.; See Tintype Coll.

*English, Thomas Dunn.; See: MF17 9. P74. P55; page 581

Erin, Mrs. C William and Mrs. A. Samuel Cook Jr., Flowermart, Mt. Vernon Square, April 26, 1953, Sunpapers. Located in Medium Photographs. Z24.1764 

*Ernest, Douglas E.; See: Ernest, John R.

Ernest, John F.; 1 print

Ernest, Mrs. John F.; 1 print

Ernest, John R. and Douglas E.; 1 print

*Etienne, Mother Mary.; See: MF 179. S49. 1; page 463

Etting, Richea Gratz (1792- 1881). Not 27.7.1; 1 print and 1 negative.

Etting, Samuel.; 18.6.39; 1 Print

Etting, Solomon or Samuel; (1764-1847) by Watt. American.; XX. 3. 92; 1 print

*Euphemia, Mother; See: MF 179. S49. B1; page 464

Evans, Clarance.; 3 prints

*Evans, Hugh.; See: Prints Coll.

Evans. J. C.; 1 print

*Evans, Oliver.; See: Prints Coll.

Evans, Williams James Tylden

Everett, Edward (1794-1865).; Eng. By John Sartain.; Portraits; 1 print

Ewell, Lt. Gen. Richard S., CSA; 3 prints

*Ewing, Gen. Thomas.; See: MF 179. M94. M; page 60




*Fahnestock, Grace Ensey.; See: Oversize File

*Fairbank, Charles Alexander, Jr.; See: PP 28

*Fairbank, Herbert Sinclair.; See: PP 28

Falconer - Unidentified Woman.; 1 negative.

Farley, James A.; 2 prints

Farnan, Thomas F.; 1 print

Farquharson, Hanna.; 1 print

Faulkner and Dickerson, Rector and Asst.: St.Peter's Church.; 1 print

*Fay, Ann Hyne Minifie. (1811-1850). See: PP48.

Fay, Henry B. 1 print.

*Fay. Theodore Sedgwich. MF 179. P74. P55 Page 523.

Feldmann Family members. 7 prints;

Feldmann Family Members.[possibly] 8 prints; 

Feldmann, Jr., Frank. n. d. Wilster Photographers. 1 print and postcard sent to Frank by his uncle Daniel, and Lizzie and Carrie. 

*Fell, Josephine Patterson. See: Glass Negatives.

Fenby Family. See also Tintype Coll. 3 prints.

*Fennel, James. MF 179. P74. P55. Page 65.

Ferguson, Blanche Smith. 64037. Nat'l President of Nat'l League of American Pen Women 1944-1946. 1 print.

Ferguson, James Henry. 1 print.

Fergusson, S.G. 1 print.

Fergusson, Mrs. William Henry. (Caroline Heide). 1 print.

*Field, Robert. See: Stewart, John.

Fielder, Israel. Orig. Photo from Carte De Visite. MdHS Coll. 1 print.

Filby, P. William. March, 1971. Photos by William Klender-Baltimore Sun. 17 prints. 17 negatives.

Filby, P. William. Director of MD Historical Society. 11 prints. 5 negatives.

*Filicchi, Antonio. See: MF 179. S49. M5 Page 28.

*Filicchi, Antonio and Amailia. See: 179. S48.D Page 138.

*Filicchi, Chevalier Antonia. See: MF 179. S49. B1 Page 59.

*Filicchi, Filippo. See: MF 179. S49. D Page 138.

Fillmore, M. Lith. By D'Avigon after Daguereotype by Brady. 1850. 2 prints.

Fillmore, Millard. Carte De Visite. 1 print.

*Findley, Emma. See: Brogden, Mrs. A.

Fischer, Rae. 63903. 1 print. Fish, Col. 1 print.

Fisher, Miss Grace. 1 print.

*Fisher, Miss Jennie F. See: Ilchester, 1886.

*Fisher, Edward. See: Ilchester, 1886.

Fisher, Miss Mary. 1 print.

Fisher, Richard D. 1 print.

Fisher, Richard Douglas. 2 prints.

*Fitting, Rudolph. See: MF 179. R 391. G; Page 30.

Fitzgerald, Miss Alice. 6 prints.

*Fitzhugh, Dr. Henry M. See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

Flanagan, Mrs. Charles. 1 print.

*Fletcher, Thomas. See: MdHS Coll. ..Sword Design.

*Flexner, Abraham, See: MF 179. G48. F6 Frontpiece.

*Fluget, Bishop. See: MF 179. S49. B1; Page 269.

*Foote, A.H. See: Prints Collection.

*Foote, Commander Andrew H. 1863. See: Prints Under Union Generals.

Forbes, Mrs. Emily. 1 print.

*Forbes, Mrs. John. Nee Elizabeth Marshall. See: John Forbes Port.

*Ford, John T. See: Prints Coll.

Ford, Martha. 3 prints.

*Forgues, Paul Emile Durand. See: MF 179. P74. P55; Page 658.

Forman, Mrs. Thomas. (of Cecil County).1 print.

Forman, Mrs. Thomas Marsh. (Mary Brown Ogle-1788-1864). By Sharples.1 print.

*Forrest, Martha Andrewetta. (Mrs. William Barton Smoot). See: Daguerreotype Coll.

*Forrest, William Scott. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Foster, James W. 3 prints.

*Foster, James W. and Miss E.C. Holland. See Oversize File.

Foster, Maj. Gen. 1 print.

Foulke Family. Acc. No. 72217. 10 prints.

Fowler, Alice S. and Unidentified Boy. Photo by J. Guerney of N.Y.C. 1 print.

*Fowler, David. See: Prints Coll.

Fowler, Judge David. 1 print.

Fowler Family.(unidentified). Acc. No. 70098.4 prints.

Fowler, Lawrence F. Photos from the Fowler Coll. 63566. 1 print.

*Fowler, Mrs. Lawrence Hall.

Fowler, Meta Oliver. Cartes De Visite. Acc. No. 70098. 1 print by Rockwood (N.Y.C.).

Fowler, Robert. 1812-1874. 1 print.

Fowler, F.D. 1 print.

Fowler, Mrs. F.D. 1 print.

Fox, George. 1 print. 1 negative.

Francis, Thomas. Eng. by G.E. Perine.(Small Prints Coll.) 1 print.

Frankland, Capt. Walter E. 2 prints.

Franklin, Thomas W. 1925. See MS 2637.; 76719.1 print.

Freeman, S.D. 1 print.

Frick, Anne T. 2 prints.

Frick, Dr. Charles. 1823-1860. 1 print.

*Frick, Anne Turnbull. See: PP57.

*Frick, Catherine Turnbull. See: PP57.

*Frick, Charles. See: PP57.

*Frick, Dr. Charles. See: PP 57.

Frick, Frank. 1 print.

*Frick, Frank. See Also: Large Photographs.

*Frick, George. See: PP57.

*Frick, [George?]. See Also: Large and Medium Photos.

*Frick, George P. See: PP 57.

*Frick, James. See: PP 578.

*Frick, R.D. See: PP 57

*Frick, S.W. See: PP 57.

*Frick, William (Judge). See: PP 57.

*Frick, William Frederick. See: PP 57.

*Frick, William T. See: PP 57.

*Frick Sisters (Nannie, Bessie, Rura). See: PP 57.

*Frick, Elizabeth P. See: PP 57.

*Friedenwald. See: MF 179. F91. F1; Frontpiece.

Friedenwald, Bertha bamberger. 1 print.

Friedenwald, Harry, Edgar, Aaron, and Julius. See also: Cohen Family. 1 print.

Friedenwald, Harry. 1 negative.

Friedenwald, Hiram. 1 print.

Friedenwald, Moses. 1 print.

Friedenwald, Mr. and Mrs.1 print.

Friese, Antoinette. 1 print.

Friese, Phillip C. 1 print.

Frietchie, Barbara. 1 print *also seen as Fritchie and Frietschie

Frisby, Dr. Herbert M. 2 prints.

Fullem, Lieut. John J. 1 print.

*Fuller, Hiram. See:MF 179. P74. P55. Vol. 11; Page 1155.

Fuller, Dr. Richard. 1804-1876. See Dielman File; MF179.F968> C Frontpiece; Prints Coll. 1 negative.

*Fuller, Rev. Dr. Richard. See Also: PP52.

*Fuller, S. Margaret. See: MF 179. P74. P55; Vol. 11; Page 1166.

Fulton, Charles Carroll. Engr. From Spencer's "Genealogical and Memorial Encyclopedia" Vol. 1, Page 1. 1 negative.

*Fulton, Dr. John S. See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C



Gaither, Becky.; 1 print

*Gaither, Charles D.; See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

Gaither, Samuel.; 1 print

*Gallagher, Howard; See Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling

Galloway, Cheston; 1 print

*Gamble Family. Various members.; See: Photography - Box I-5

Gambrill, H. N.; 1 print

*Gambrill, R.N.; See also: PP 52

Gambrill, Olive; 5 prints

Gambrill, Mrs. Stephens; 1803 - 1886

Gans, Joe.; 1 print

Garbisch Family.; 1 print

Garland, Gen. - two photos.; 2 prints

Garner, John Nance (c. 1932); Portraits.; 1 print

*Garrett, Henry S.; See: MF 179. G22. S; Frontpiece

Garrett, John W.; See P.L. Club Meeting.; 3 prints

*Garrett, [John W. ?]; See Large Photos

*Garrett, Mr.; See: B and O Inspection Dtrip, 1926

*Garrett, Mary.; See: Jacobs, Mrs. Henry Barton

*Garrett, Robert.; See Medium Photos

Garrett, Mrs. Robert.; 1 print

*Garrett, T. Harrison.; See Large Photos

*Garrettson, Rev. Freeborn.; See Prints Coll.

Garrison, William Lloyd. Sculpture by John Rogers.; Garrison, Wm.L., Brady Coll. 2 prints

*Garron, Mr.; See: Prints Coll.

Gary Daughters [of M/M James Gary.; 1 print

*Gary, J. S.; See: Prints Coll.

Gary, Mary Maegill.; 1 print

Gary Family, Group Photos, 1894.; 9 prints

*Gaskin, George.; See: MF 179. P74. P55; page 152

Gatch Family ca. 1910. Identification in Acc. folder 75389.; 1 print

*Gatch Family.; See Oversize Photos

Gates, Col. 1 print

*Gees. Benjamin F.; See: PP 61

Gelston, Mrs.; 1 print

*Gelwicks, Nicholas.; See: Oversize Coll.

George, John Alfred; 3 prints, includes one print with three unindentified men.

George, John E.; 1 print

*George, Isaac S.; See Prints Coll.

*Gerrge, Phillip T.; See: PP 52

*Gerard, M.; See Lossing, Benson - Life of Washington

Gerry, Elbridge.; 1 print

Getty, Hon. W.R. Member of Md. Legislature, 1878

Gibbons, Cardinal James. Gibbons, Cardinal and Col. Roosevelt. 1921. See Glass Negatives. - Gibbons, James Cardinal; See Prints Coll. - Gibbons, Cardinal and Grindall, Dr. Chas. S.; See Oversize File. 5 prints and 2 negatives.

Gibbons, Cardinal w/ Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. acc. no. 72187.; Gibbons, Cardinal w/ Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. acc. no. 72187.; 5 prints

Gibbons, Cardinal John (?) - 1919. [St. Francis Xavier Church] - Location Uncertain. 2 negatives.

*Gibbons, Cardinal, funeral of.; See: Group Portraits.

*Gibbons, Cardinal.; See also: GPVF; Baltimore - Celebrations - Cardinal Gibbons Jubilee - 1911

*Gibbons, Bishop.; See MF 179. G43. E4; page 73

*Gibbons, Henrietta L. Mitchell.; See: Gibbons: Robt. A. and Henrietta

Gibbons, Robert A. and Henrietta L.; 1 print

*Gibson, Sen. Charles H.; See: Prints Coll.

Gibson, Eugenia Magill.; 1 print

Gibson, Mr. James. old photo; acc. no. 65596; 1 print

Gibson, James.; 2 prints

Gibson, Susie E.; Acc. No. 000871; 1 print

Gibson, W. James. 1 print

Gifford, Lt.; 1 print

*Gilbert, John.; See: Oversize Photos

Gilder, William Hughes. Portraits.; 1 print

Gildersleeve, Basil L.; 1 print

Giles, Catherine Donaldson. (1816-1874) - [ca. 1855]; 1 print

*Giles, Judge William F.; See Also: PP 52

Giles, Judge William F.; 1 print

Gill, Afnes (sic).; See also: Dances, Dinners, Parties; 1 print

Gill, George Murray.; Co. "D"; Small Prints; 1 print

*Gill, Gen. John.; Guests at dinner June 3, 1899.; See: Group Portraits

*Gill, Richard Wordsworth.; See: MF 179. G47. G; Frontpiece; Gill Richard Wordsworth (1793 - 1852). See: Medium Photos; MS; 1921

Gilles, A. J.; 1887;; 1 print

*Gillet, Edgar. Photo by Bendann Bros., Balto.; (Father of Hilda Gillet); See: Medium Photos.; 66.76.1

Gillig, John.; 1 print

Gillion, Victor.; 1; print

*Gilman, Charles.; See Prints Coll.

Gilman, Dr.; 1 print

Gilman, Elizabeth? Perhaps. (c. 1900-05); 1 print

*Gilman, Elizabeth.; See Gilman, Mrs. Daniel G.

Gilman, Mrs. Daniel C.; (and Miss Elizabeth Gilman); 1 print

Gilman, Daniel Coit. Frontpiece; See also:MF 179. G48. F and G48. J; See also Group Photorgraphs.; 5 prints

*Gilmor, Ellen.; See MacTavish, Mrs. A.

Gilmor, Col. Harry; 4 prints

Gilmor, Harry (probably pre-war) Uniform of Balto. House Guard. Tinted Photograph by D'Almaine; 1862.; 1 print and 1 negative.

Gilmor, Harry. Tinted Photo by Fischer and Bros. (1860-1867); Baltimore.; 1 print

Gilmor, Robert (of Glen Ellen).; See also: Daguerreotype Coll. 1 print

Gilmor, Robert of "Glen Ellen".; See also Prints Coll.; 1 print

*Gilmor, Mrs. Robert Engraving

*Gilmor, Robert, works of.; See ship interior from a sketchbook by Robert Gilmor

*Gilmor, Robert; Jr.; See Prints Coll.

Gist, M.; See also: Prints Coll.; 1 negative.

Gist, Mordecai (General).; 2 prints

Gittings, Anna Selman.; 1 print

Gittings, D. Sterett; 6 prints

Gittings, D. Sterett and friends.; 1 print

Gittings, David Sterett; 1797 - 1887; 1 print

Gittings, Elizabeth Mary Bose.; 2 prints

Gittings, Hamilton; (in Costume); 1 print

Gladding, Sarah Jane.; 1 print

Glann, Etta; Mrs. James K. Harwood.; 2 prints

Glascock, Capt. A.; 1 prin

Glaser, Lulu.; 1 print

*Glenn, Ellen Mark Smith.; See Daguerreotype Coll. #301

Glenn, Bill. 1913; 4 prints

Glenn, Lucy.; Mrs. Ambrose Ransom.; 1 print

Glenn Family. MS Coll. 1558. Unidentified photos of people not necessarily of the Glenn Family. Negatives. in Catonsville C.C. library; 1971; 4 prints

;*Glenn, John Jr. See Dutch Ship.

Glenn, John M. and William L. 5 prints.

Glenn, Miss Mary(?). 1 print.

Glenn, W.L., J.G., Jr., J.M. At Andalusia. 1 print.

Godby, Alexander. 2 prints.

*Goddard, William. See: Prints Collection.

Goddard, William. 1 print. Copy Negative: Z24.705.

*Godey, Louis A. See: MF 179. P74. P55; Vol. 11-1152.

Goldsborough, Louis Malesherbes, Commodore. 2 prints. 1 negative.

*Goldsborough, A.S. See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

Goldsborough, Charles. 1760-1834. 1 negative.

Goldsborough, Mrs. George. 1 print.

*Goldsborough, Mrs. Henrietta Maria. See: Glass Negatives.

Goldsborough, Judge. 1 print.

*Goldsborough, Mrs. Nicholas. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

*Goldsborough, Robert; Family. See: MF 179. P3575. Vol. 1 Page 274.

Goldsborough, Mary H. 1 print.

*Goldschmidt, Jonas. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 82.

*Goodwin, James R. See: U.S.S. Constellation.

*Gordon, Mrs. Douglas H. See: Lady Thomas.

*Gordon, Mrs. Douglas H. See: Dennis, Ida.

*Gordon, Elizabeth A.B. See: MF 179. G66. Frontpiece.

*Gordon, Elizabeth Gordon Biddle. See: The Blackbird Display.

Gordon Family. Douglas, Anne, Elizabeth, Virginia. 2 prints.

*Gordon, Rebecca. (Blackford, Eugene). See: Clubs, The Brown Veil.

*Gordy, Wm. S. See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

*Gorman, Arthur P. See: Medium Photos; MF 179. G671 L and U Frontpieces.

Gorman, Arthur Pue. 8 prints.

Gorman, Arthur Pue. March 1899. 1 print. Acc# 201-060-LIB. Located in Medium Photographs

Gorman, Sen. Arthur P. 2 prints. See also Prints Collection.

Gorsuch, Emma C. (1886-1899). Acc No. 001217.1 print.

Gorsuch, Sarah Gardner.(ca. 1865). 1 print.

Gorsuch, Fannie and Group.1 print.

*Gosling, Richard. See: Silver Tankard, Gosling, 1747.

Gottleib, Fred. H. 1 print. 1 negative.

*Gould, Elgin R.L. See: MF 179. G696 L Frontpiece.

*Gould, George J. See: Garrett, Robert.

Gover, Agnes Courtney Langdon. (1867-1951)-[ca. 1890]. 1 print.

Gover, Jesse. 3 prints.

*Gowans, William. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 550.

Grafton, Duval. 1 print from Glass Negative.#G62.

*Graham, Catherine. See: Ramsay, Catherine (Mrs. Andrew).

*Graham, George Rex. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 642.

*Graham, Mrs. George Rex. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 702.

Graham, R. Walter. 1 print.

*Grahme, Mrs. Margaret. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Grannan, Eugene E., Judge. 1 print.

Grant, Gen. U.S.3 prints. See also Prints Collection - Union Generals.

Grant, J. 1 print.

Grape, Miss. Carte de visite by T.J. Trappe of Williamsport, PA. acc. # 70025. 1 print.

Grasty, Charles Henry.(1863-1924). From MPN. 4899.5859(The Baltimore Sunpapers). 1 print. 1 negative.

Graves Family. 5(?) prints.

*Gray, George - Works of- See: Key, Francis Scott, Viewing the Flag Mural.

*Greely, Horace. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Vol. 11, Page 1064.

Green, Rudolph. 1 print.

Green, William Cleary. ("Guglielmo Verdi"). 7 prints.

Greene, Edwin F., Mrs. E.F., and Son. MS.1962. 3 prints.

Greene, Esther. MS. 1962. 1 print.

Greene, 1st Lieut. F.A. (1919). M.S.1962. 1 print. See also Glass Negatives.

*Greene, Francis. See: MF 179. S62. S. Page 56.

*Greene, Col. Frederick S. See: MF179. S62 S Page 56.

*Greene, Jonas. See: Prints Collection.

*Greene, Luther. See: Anderson, Judith.

Greentree, Andrew. (Detective). 373 Franklin St. Carte de viste c.1885. 1 print.

Greenway, Edward M. Jr. 1 print.

Greenway, W.W. 1 print.

*Gresham, Thomas B. by T.C. Corner, 1921. See: Glass Negatives.

Grether, Lt. Selma. C. 1943. 1 print in WAVE uniform.

Griffin, Capt. E.A. 1 print.

*Griffith, Cousin "Pink"; MS1828. See: Graphics Shelf #11 Box B-4.

Griffin, Edward H. 1 print.

*Griffith, Rev. Alfred. See: Prints Collection.

*Griffith, Goldsborough S. See: MF 179. G853 N. Frontpiece; also Prints Coll.

Griffith, John W. 1 print.

Griffith, Louis P. 1 print.

*Griffith, Prudence Jane. See Daguerreotype Coll.

Griswold, Benjamin Howell. 3 prints. See McKeldin, Theodore.

*Griswold, Dr. Rufus Wilmot. See:MF 179. P74. R6 Page73; P74. L5 Page 113; P74 55 Page 780.

Groome, James B. 1 negative. of woodcut as a U.S. SenatorElect of MD. See also Prints Coll.

Groot, A.J. 1 print.

*Grotius, Hugo. See: Oversize File.

*Grundy, Ann. See:Lloyd, Mrs. James.

Guiness, Hon. Desmond. 1 print.

*Gunther, L.W. See: Prints Collection.

*Guth, William W. See: MF 179. G98C Frontpiece.

Guthrie, James. (1792-1869). 1 print.

*Gwinn, Elizabeth. See: Taylor, Hon. John.