Names S - Z Finding Aid, Portrait Vertical File


Special Collections Department, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society

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Cataloging and Digitization completed through the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation



*Indicates cross-reference
MF numbers are catalog numbers that can searched in the catalog for more information.




Sabin, Florence. 1 print.

Sachse, Edward. 1 print.

*St. Clair, Gen. Arthur. See: MF 179. P3575. V.1 Page 178.

*Salmon, Robert, Works of. See: Baltimore Harbor – Views. View of Balto. Harbor. ca.1815.

Sanderson, Frances—ca. 1890. 1 print.

Sands, Admiral James H. 1 print.

*Sands, Samuel. See: Prints Collection.

Sandys, George. (1577-1643). 3 prints.

*Sandys, George. Negative: Z7.1772.

*Sanner, Ann E. Frisby. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 14.

*Sanner, George. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 4, 18; with Mrs., See: MF 179. S228.S Frontispiece.

*Sanner, Laura Mackey. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 18.

*Sanner, Sylvester. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 14.

*Santa Claus. See Prints Collection.

Sargeant, George H. 1 print.

Sargeant, H.D.G.C. 1 print.

Sargeant, Rev. Thomas, D.D. 1 print.

*Sartain, John. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1417.

Sause, Julia B. 1963. 1 print. Acc#2016-049-LIB. Located in Medium Photographs. Museum has dress in photograph.

Savage, Edward (1761-1817). n. d. Root Photography, Chicago. 1 print.

Sayre, Brig. Gen. Clifford L. (at Montpelier). Acc. no. 65073. 1 print.

*Sayrs, Henry. See Prints Collection.

Schad, Andrew. Empty folder-1995.

Scarborough, Dr. 1st Asst. Surg. 2nd MD Vols. 1 print.

*Schaar, Mirjam. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 114.

*Schad, Catherine Hall. See Medium Photos. (see Edna, Evelyn, Wm.Batthis for rel.)

Scharf, Col. John Thomas.4 prints. See also: Prints Collection; MF 179.S299. M.

*Schley, William. See: PP52.

*Schumacher, A. See: PP52.

*Schad, Helen Macy. 4 prints.

*Scheib, Heinrich. See: MF 179. S31. S Frontispiece.

Scheib, Rev. Henry. 1 print.

*Scheneck, Robert. See Prints Collection.

*Schlatter, Michael. See: MF 179. S33. R Frontispiece.

Schleigh, Capt. Edward. 1 print.

Schley, Miss. 1 print.

*Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Earl. Wedding Party. See Medium Photographs.

Schmidt. Orig. oil painting owned and donated by Norman Kjeldsen. 1 print.

*Schmucker. Dr. Samuel S. See MF 179. S35. A6 Frontispiece.

Schnauffer, Levin West. 1899. 1 print.

Schnid, A.D. 1 print.

*Schnudlapp, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip. 1926.

Schoenlein, Augustus. 2 prints.

Schofield, Henry. 2 prints.

Schouler, Rev. William. 1 print.

Schultz, E.T. 1 print.

Schweigman, William Enoch, 1 print

Scott, Frank N. 1 print.

Scott, J McPherson, M.D. 1 print.

*Scott, John. See Prints Collection.

Scott, Maj> John F.R. 1 print.

Scott, Mr. 1 print.

Scott, Townsend,III From MS.1776, Townsend Scott Collection 1 print.

Scott, Lt. Gen. Winfield . by J.H. Bufford, 1862. 1 print.

*Scott, Winfield. See Prints Collection.

*Sears, Anna Maria. See Loveday, Mrs. Arthur J.

Sears, R.P. 1 print

Sears, R.P. 1 print

Segrave Family. 7 prints

*Seims, Henry. See MF 179. P89. H Page 20

*Seligman, James. See Seligman, V. andW. and Co. Group Portraits

*Seligman, Jesse. See Seligman, V. and W. andCo. Group Portraits

*Seligman, Joseph. See Seligman, V. and W. and Co. Group Portraits

*Sellers, Miss Mary. See Glass Negatives

*Sellman, Hon. John Stevens. See Daguerreotype Collection

*Sellman, Victoria. See Gittings, Mrs. Richard J.

*Semmers, John E. See MF 179. S47. M Frontispiece

*Semmers, Raphael. See OversizeFile; See Oversize Box 1

Semmes, Capt. of the “Alabama”. 3 prints

Seth, Joseph B. 1 print

*Seton, Elizabeth. See MF 179. S49, MF 179. S49. B Frontispieces and MF 179. S49.C page 2

*Seton, Mother. See Prints Collection

*Seton, Mother Catherine. See MF 179. S49. B1 page 906

Seton, Mother Elizabeth 2 prints

*Seton, Mother Elizabeth. See MF 179. S49. D page 394; MF 179. S49. M Frontispiece; See MF 179. S49 M5 page 172; MF 179. S49. S Frontispiece, 38; MF 179. S49. W Frontispiece

*Seton, Rebecca. MF 179. S49. B1 page 339

*Seton, Richard. See MF 179. S49. B1 page 321

*Seton, Richard and William. See MF 179. S49. M5 page 76

*Seton, Sister Annina. See MF 179. S49. B1 page 33

*Seton, William. JSee MF 179. S49. B1 page 321

*Seton, Mr. and Mrs. William Jr.. See MF 179. S49. F Frontispiece and page 65; See MF 179. S49. D page 58

*Seton, William Sr. MF 179. S49. D page 58

*Seton, William and Elizabeth. See 179. S49. M5 page 29

*Seton,William Wagee. See MF 179. S49. M5 page 28; See MF 179. S49. B1 page 13

Seward, William H. (1801-1872). Secretary of State. Harper’s Weekly Apil 6, 1861. 1 negative.

Seymour, Gov. 1 print

Seymour and Blair. 1 print

*Shedinger Family. See: Photography Box I-5

Shaffer, Mr. 1 print

*Shanley, Thos. E. See Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unvieiling

Sharpe, Gov. Horatio. 2 prints and 1 negative.See also Prints Collection; SeeMF 179. S52. E pages 2, 94, 250

*Shaw, Capt. William. See Daguerreotype Collection

*Shaw, Willism. See also: Large Photos; Group Ports: Frick Bros.

*Shaw, William C. See: pp 57; Stewart, C. Morton

Shecter, Louis. 5 prints

Shecter, Louis E. –1962 1 print

Shecter, Louis E. –[1964]

Shecter, Louis E. and Rosalyn. 1 print

Shecter, Louis E., Rosalyn M. and Mark. 14 prints. 71084, 73395

Shecter, Rosalyn. 1 print

*Shecter, Rosalyn M. See also: Shecter, Louis

*Shedd, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip, 1926

Sheehan, Cardinal-- Portraits –1974. 5 prints

Shehan, Cardinal. 1 print

*Shelton, Sarah Elmira Yoyster. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1490

Shepard, Seth. 1 negative.

*Sheppard, Moses. See Prints Collection

Sheridan. Vernon, Medal of Honor, W.W.II. 1 negative.

Sherman, B. Frank. 1 print

*Sherman, General – 1863. See Prints Collection under Union Generals

Sherman, Hon. John, Ohio. 1 print

Sherman, Robert T. 1 print

*Shew, Marie Louise. See MF 179. P74. P55 v. II page 1264.

Shiff, Eugenia. acc. no. 70098. Daughter of Gustave L. Shiff. 1 print. Cabinet photo by Rockwood of N.Y.C.

Shipley, Lt. Col. Walter V. Photos. acc. no. 65476 2 prints

Shippen, Mrs. Edward (nee Rebecca Lloyd Post). 1 print

*Shippen, Mrs. Edward. See Glass Negatives

*Shippen, Capt. Henry. See Glass Negatives

*Shirley, Gov. William. See Prints Collection

*Shoemaker, Mrs. ED. See Maryland Tercentenary Celebration

Shoemaker, Samuel. 1 print

*Shoemaker, Samuel. See:PP 52

Shoemaker, Mrs. Samuel, nee Ellen Whitridge. 1 print

Shoemaker, Samuel Moor and Shoemaker, Augusta Chambers Eccleston. 1 print

*Shorey, Wm. F. See Prints Collection

*Short, Oliver C. See Ritchie, Albert C.

*Shriver, Alfred Jenkins. See: Dennis, Ida

Shriver, Clarence. 1 print

Shriver, Mrs. Clarence. 1 print

Shriver Family – / ca 1860 / 7 negs

Shriver Family -- / ca 1860 / 3 negs

Shriver Family -- / ca 1860 / 1 print

*Shriver, J. A. See Thompson, Gough Wedding Party

Shriver, Joseph -- / ca 1860 / 1 print, 1 negative.

Shriver, Mary Winebrenner. (wife of Henry Wirt Shriver) 1 print

Shriver, Mrs. From D’Arcy Paul Estate 2 prints

Shyrock, T. 1 prints

*Sigel, Brig. Gen. Franz 1863 See Prints Collection under Union Generals; Sigel, Maj. Gen. Franz. 1861. See Prints Collection

Sill, Howard. 3 prints

*Silsbee, Mary Crowinshield. See Sparks, Mrs. Jared

Silver, Nellie McComas, ca. 1890. 1 print (Gift of Marion Silver Hayden, 1991, acc# 003719)

Simmonds, Algernon. 1 print

*Simmons, Azariah. See: Abell, Arunah S.

*Simmons, Isaac. See Daguerreotype Collection

Simon Family. 7 prints

*Simpers, Elizabeth. See Price, Mrs. John

Simpson, Col. B. L. 1 print. See also: Tintype Collection

Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1896-1986) – 1 print [ca. 1943]

Simpson, Wallis (Duchess of Windsor). 2 prints

Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1886-1986). 1 print – 1959

Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1896-1986). 1 print – 1959

Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1896-1986). 1 print –1954

Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1896-1986), trying on an evening gown designed by French couturier Givenchy, 3 prints – ca 1961 (one print includes Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor)

*Simpson,Wallis Warfield. See MF 179. W9. B7 Frontispiece

Siousat, Mrs. 1 print

Sippel, Bettie Oursler. (1867-1943). Portraits. 1 print – ca. 1925

*Skan, Martin Francis, MD. See MF 179. S634. M Frontispiece

Skau, Mr. Niles. 1 negative.

*Skinner, Frederick G. See MF 179. S62. S page 16, 24

Skinner, Mrs. J. S., nee Davis 1 print

*Slacm, Ida. See: Photography Box I-5

*Slagle, Mrs. Henry (Second Wife of Col. Henry Slagle) See Keefauver, Dorothea

Slater, Samuel (1768-1835). Father of American Cotton Industry. 1 print

Slee, Jessie 2 prints

Slee, N. Tipton 2 prints

*Slemmons, Elizabeth F. See MF 179. S84. M page 28

*Slicer, Henry. See: pp 52

Slicer, Henry (1801-1874). 1 print –1863. Acc. No.: 001211

*Slidell, John. See Prints Collection

Slidell, The Hon. John (1793-1871) 1 print. Portraits

Slingluff, Mrs. Fielder.

Slingluff, Mrs. R. Lee (Imogen Dorsey). 1 print

*Sloane, Dr. Charles. See: PP 57

Sloan, Donaldson. 1 print

Sloan, Col. John A. 1 print

Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print

Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print

Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print

Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print

Sloman, Jerome. 1 print by Fabian Bachrach

Slothower, Ida. 1 print

Slothower, Jefferson. 1 print

Slothower, Lillie. 1 print

Slothower, Miss. 1 print

*Smallwood, William. See Prints Collectionunder Revolutionary Officers; Smallwood, William, Gen. See Glass Negs

*Smith, Adele A. and family. See: PP 58

Smith, Albert H., Jr. 1 print

Smith, Mrs. B.L. 1 print

*Smith, The Rev. C. Ernest. See 179. S654. S Frontispiece

Smith,C. H. 1 print

*Smith, Campbell. See Smith, Mrs. James

*Smith, Dr. David S.C.H. See MF 179. S654. S page 156

*Smith, Mrs. Edmund Marton. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1502

*Smith, Elizabeth Oakes. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1143

Smith, Mrs. Emma E. 1 print

*Smith, F. Hopkinson. See Prints Collection

Smith, Gilbert L. 1 print

*Smith, Rev. Harry. See Prints Collection

Smith. Jn. 1 prints

Smith, J. Frank 1 print

Smith, J. Lewis, Capt. 1st MD. Reg. Inf. 1 print

*Smith, Dr. James M. See MF 179. S654. S page 160

Smith, Capt. John. 2 prints and 1 negative.

*Smith, Dr. John D. See MF 179. S654. S page 162

Smith, John Stafford. 4 prints

*Smith, John Walter. See Governors, Maryland. See also Prints Collection

Smith, Mrs. Joseph (Louisa A.) 1 print

Smith, Gen. Kirby, C.S.A. 2 prints

Smith, Marion De Kalb. 1 print

*Smith, Mary See: Photography Box I-5

Smith, Mary B. 1 print

*Smith, N.R. See: PP 51

Smith, Raleigh C. 1 print

Smith, Samuel. 1 print Engraved and Printed by Franklin Co. of N.Y. Small Prints Collection

Smith, Talbot. 1 print. (Theatres, Actors, Actresses)

Smith, Thomas Marsh. 2 prints

*Smith, Mrs. Tunstall. See Lady Thomas

*Smith, W. See Prints Collection

*Smith, William. See MF 179. P74. P55 page 36

*Smith, D.D. See MF 179. S664 S Frontispiece

*Smoot, Mrs William Barton. See Forrest, Martha Andrewetta. Daguerreotype Collection

Smyth, Hon. Thomas 1729-1819. 4 prints

Snow, Miss Jessie L. 2 prints

*Snowden, Rev. John B. See MF 179. S67 S Frontispiece

Snowden, Florence. 1 print Carte de Visite. Photographer Unidentified

*Snowden, Samuel. See Prints Collection

*Snowden, Thomas, Esq. See Prints Collection

*Snowden, Rev. Thomas. See MF179. S67. S page 62

Snyder, Calvin. 1 print [ca. 1920] (Gift of Betty Lou Young, August 8, 1990, acc# 003042)

Snyder, Ruth Anna Rothhaupt (1918-1957). 1 print [ca. 1935]

Snyder, Ruth Anna Rothhaupt (1918-1957). 4 prints [ca. 1935-1936]

Somers, Dr. Royal. 3 prints

*Soper, Judge Morris. See: Judge R Dorsey Watkins

Souder,Children. 1 print

Sowers, Dr. and Mrs. 2 prints.

Spalding, B.D. 1 print.

Spalding, Rev. Martin John. 2 prints. See also Prints Collection.

Spalding, Volney. 1 print.

Sparks, Jared. 1 negative.

Sparks, Jared. 2 prints. See also Prints Collection.

Sparks, Mrs. Jared. Nee May Crowninshield Silsbee. 2 prints.

Sparks, M.C. 1886-1921. 3 prints.

Spear, Mr. 1 print.

Spedden, Sophia Frances. 1 print.

Spence, Ida Lee. 1 print.

*Spence, Samuel. See Prints Collection.

*Spence, Sexton George. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1514.

Spencer, James Harvey, Anna Moore, Jean Ann. 2 prints.

*Spencer, Richard H. See Prints Collection.

*Speyer, Mr. See B and O Inspection Trip, 1926.

Spicer, Miss Jennie. 1 print.

*Sprague, Maj. Gen. William. 1863. See Prints Collection under Union Generals.

Sprigg, James C. (1827-1903). 1 print.

Spriggs, Frances Ann Cook. (1848-1932)—[ca. 1890]. 1 print.

*Sproul, Governor. See: State of Virginia (Ships) Launching Party.

Stabler, Edward. (1794-1883). 1 print.

Stabler, Mrs. Edward. Nee Ann Patterson Gilpin. 1 print.

Stabler, Sara Briggs. 1 print.

*Stackl, Baron de. See: PP57.

*Stafford, Lady. See: Caton, Elizabeth.

*Stanard, Jane Stith, Craig. See: MF 179. P74. Q2 Page 86.

*Stanard, Robert C. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1329.

*Stansbury, Elijah.—[1874]. See: MF 179. S79H 1874.

*Stansbury, Hon. Elijah. See: MF 179. S79. H Frontispiece.

*Stansbury, Elijah. See: War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Balto. Druid Hill Pk.1880.

Stanton, Edwin. 1814-1869. Sec. of War. Photo by M. Brady. Ca.1865. 2 prints.

Stanton, Joseph L. Executive Dir. MD Port Authority. 1 print.

*Steele, I. Nevett. See: PP52..

*Steiger, Mr. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Andrew Wilton. See: PP25.

*Steiger, August. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Frank. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Hannah Elizabeth. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Hannah Van Patten. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Jack. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Neil. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Tell [William Tell]. See: PP25.

*Steiger, Van Patten. See: PP25.

*[Steiger, Jr.?]. William Tell. See: PP25.

*Steiger Family(Andrew. Lottie, Dottie, Edward). See: PP25.

*Steiger Brothers(Tell, Jack, and Van). See: PP25.

*Steiger Family Sons(George[Jack], Nye,Neil,Tell, and Van). See: PP25.

*Stein, Charles. See: Bowen, Jesse N.

Steiner, Bernard Christian. 2 prints. See also MF 179. S822. H Page 7.

*Steiner, Dr. Lewis Henry. See: MF 179. S822. H Frontispiece.

Steinmetz, Charles Proteus. (1865-1923)—[ca.1920]. 2 prints.

Stephens, Alexander H. 3 prints.

Sterling, Marie. 1 print.

Steuart, Brig. Gen. George H. (1828-1903). 1866. Frank Meyer. Accession number 55.18.1. 1 negative. 

Steuart, Henrietta and Rebecca. 2 prints.

Stuart, Maj. Gen. J.E.B. 1 print.

*Stevens, Francis Putnam. See Prints Collection.

Stevenson Sisters(Anna, Fanny, Mary). 1 print.

Stevenson, Mrs. Nee Carrie Young. 1 print.

*Stevenson, Edward. See: MF 179. S84. M Page 8.

*Stevenson, Garrard. See: MF 179. S84. M Page 28.

*Stevenson, Harriet, G.H. See: MF 179. S84. M Pafe 14.

*Stevenson, John Slemmons. See: MF 179. S84. M Frontispiece.

Stewart, Alex P. 1 print. 1 negative. See also: Graphics Case #51.

Stewart, Charles Morton. 1 print.

*Stewart, C. Morton. See Also: PP57.

*Stewart, Charles Morton. See Also: Large Photographs,”Group Ports: Frick Bros.”

Stewart, Donald. [ca.1965]. Curator of the Constellation.1 negative.

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John A. and others in Adirondacks. 1 print.

Stewart, Mrs. John A. Nee Mary Capron. 1 print.

Stewart, John A. 1 print.

Stewart, Judge William A. 2 prints. 2 negatives See also: Prints Collection.

*Stinnecke, H.A. See: Prints Collection..

*Stitis, William. See: War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Balto. Druid Hill Pk.1880.

Stockbridge, Henry Sr. 1 print.

Stoddard, I.T. (Willig, 2584 – 6). 1 print. See also: Sheet Music Box, 1854).

*Stoddard, Richard Henry. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1016.

*Stoddart, Benjamin. See: Medium Size Photos.

Stokes, Rev. George C. 1 print.

Stokes, Nannie Charlton. 1 print.

*Stone, Barton Warren. See: MF 179. S876. W Frontispiece.

*Stone, Thomas. See Prints Collection.

*Stone, Rt. Rev. William Murray. See: Prints Collection.

Stone, William T. 1 print.

*Stonebraker, Joseph R. See: Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm. 1914 Group Portraits.

*Stoudenmire, Rev. W.C. See: Prints Collection.

Stout, Lydia Hemsworth. 1 print.

Strahan, “Woodie”. 1 print.

Straiton, Nellie B. Acc. No. 000871. 1 print.

Stran, L.P. 1 print.

Stran, Mrs. L.P. (Kate). 1 print.

Strauss, Mrs. (Nee Lobe). Mother of Atty. Gen. Isaac L. Strauss. 1 print.

Strauss, Henry L. 13 prints.

Straut, Isaac John. 1 print.

*Strawbridge, Robert and Family. See: GPVF-Historic Houses-Hampton; GPVF-Churches-Annaduff Episc.

*Strawbridge, Rev. Robert. See: Prints Collection.

*Street, Charles. See: Small Prints Collection.

*Strouse, Isaac. See: MF 179. S92. M Frontispiece.

Strube, Gustav. (By Jeanne Bennett). 1 print.

*Stuart, Anne Calvert. See: Album I-10.

Stuart, Charles, D. 1 print.

Stuart Family Group. 8 prints. 2 negatives

Stuart, Ferdinand Smyth. 1 print.

Stuart, Gen. George H. 1 print.

*Stuart, Gilbert. See: MF 179. P3575 v.II Page 191. See: Prints Collection.

Stuart, J.E.B. 1 print. Stump, Judge Frederick. 1 print.

Stump, Herman. 1 print. 1 negative.

Sudler, Thomas Seon. –after 1875. Acc. No. 000790. 1 print.

Sudsburg, Gen. Joseph M. 1 print.

Sullivan Brothers(Samuel, Benjamin,Washington, etc.). 3 prints.

Sullivan, Dennis. 1876.2 prints.

Sullivan, Elizabeth. Photo of Deathbed Daguerreotype. 1 print.

Sullivan, Mrs. Dennis (Nee Ann Henderson). 3 prints.

Sullivan, Larry. 1 print. 1 negative.

Sullivan, Washington. 1 print.

Sullivan, Clement. 1 print.

Sully, Charlotte. Sister of Thomas Sully, Painter. 1 print.

*Sully, Julia. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 189.

*Sully, Robert. See: MF 179. P74 L5 Page 92.

*Sully, Robert Matthew. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 189.

*Sully, Thomas. See: Eliza Ridgely.

*Summerfield, Rev. John. See: MF 179. S949. H Frontispiece.

Sumner, Chris. 1 print.

Sumner, Conf. Gen.1 print.

Sunday, W. 1 print.

Surratt, John H. 1 print.

Surrat, John H., 1868. 1 carte de visite. Brady & Co., photographer.

Surratt, Miss Mary E. (from Trial of the Conspirators-1865). Acc. No. 65073. 2 prints.

Surwan, Fanny. 1 print.

Sutler, Ashwell. 1st MD Reg. 1 print.

Sutro, Rose(Died 1957) and Ottilie(Died 1970). 5 prints. See Also: Sutro Collection in Blue Boxes.

Sutton, Samuel. 1 print.

Sutton, Mrs. Samuel. 1 print..

Sutton, Thomas. 1 print.

Swafford, Rene C., Moshana, Randy Robinson, Freedom Walk 2017. 1 digital photograph. Folder contains printout of digital photograph. Original photograph located on S: Drive-Finding Aid Folder-PVF. Description of photograph from donor: "On September 22, 2017, in honor of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, Commissioner Rene' C. Swafford, Esq., of Greensboro, Maryland served as host for the "Freedom Walk 2017, that stopped in Greensboro prior to completing the 125 mile walk in Sandtown, Delaware. The Freedom Walk 2017 is the first of it's kind (she walked 125 miles). In the spirit of Harriet Tubman, Rene' C. Swafford, Esq. is the first Black Commissioner to ever serve on the Council for the town of Greensboro, Maryland. Photo is of, from left to right: Commissioner Rene' C. Swafford, Esq., Moshana who is first person to walk the Harriet Tubman Byway in Maryland, Greensboro public works employee, Randy Robinson." Acc#2017-051-LIB

*Swain, Mr. See: Abell, Arunah S.

*Swan, Gen. John. See: Glass Negatives

Swan, William. 1793-1867.1 print.

Swann, Deford. 1 print.

Swanson, Neil H. 1 print.

*Swann, Hon. Thomas. See: Prints Collection.

Swarm, Virginia(Mrs. John O.). 1 print.

Swope, Herbert Bayard. 1 print.

Sykes, James. Fancy Ball 1891. 1 print.

Sylvester, Dr. James Joseph. 1814-1897. 1 print.

Symington Family. 1 negative.

Symington, Thomas. (1792-1875). 1 print.

*Symington,Mrs. W. Stuart. See: Prints Collection.

*Szold, Benjamin. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 82.

*Szold Daughters. See MF 179. S98 L Page 242.

*Szold, Nerietta(?). See: MF 179. S98. L Page 114.

*Szold, Sophie. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 82.




*Tab, John Bannister. See: MF 179. T113. F Frontispiece.

*Tabb, Father. See: MF 179. T113. B Page 15.

Tabb, John Bannister. 1 print.

Tabler, Alvin Jerome Prather. In front of his cigar shop at 243 North Gilmor (with cigar store Indian) ca. 1895

*Tait, Mr. and Mrs. Galen L. See: MF 179. T21. T Frontispiece.

Talbott, Fred C. 1 print. See MF 179. T14. U Frontispiece.

*Talbot, Miss Bridget. See: Kiplin Hall.

*Talliaferro, Mrs. James Charles. See: Owings, Grant of Arms.

*Taney, Roger Brooke. (1777-1864). Engr. by S.Sartain. See: Small Prints Collection

Taney, R.B. Chief Justice of the U.S. 3 prints. See MF 179. T16. S Page 419; MF 179. T16397 Frontispiece; MF 179. T 16. T Frontispiece.

*Taney, Roger B. See Also: PP52.

Taneyhill, G.L., M.D. 2 prints.

*Tasker-Ogle, George B. See: MF 179. S52. E Page 280.

*Tatnall, Commodore and Admiral Buchanan. See: Group Photographs; Prints, Collection under Buchanan, Franklin.

*Tawes, J. Millard. See: Shecter, Louis. Roads. 1963 Opening Interstate 95.

*Tayloe, Elizabeth. See: Lloyd, Col. Edward and Family.

*Tayloe, John. See Prints Collection.

Tayloe, Joseph. Painting by St. Memin.

*Taylor, Ann Miller (1802-1887). See: PP48.

Taylor, Col. Benjamin Franklin. 1840-1919.3 prints.

Taylor, Col. Benjamin F. 2nd Reg. Inf. MD Volunteers – Civil War.1 print.

*Taylor, Elizabeth. (1802-1882). See Mrs. Robert Morris Goodwin.

*Taylor, Mrs. B. Jones. See Prints Collection.

Taylor, Family. Individual Photographs. 8 prints.

*Taylor, Mrs. Jonathan K. See MF 179. P14.P Page 29.

Taylor, Nelson. 1900. 1 print.

*Taylor, William. See: Photography Box I-5.

Thayer, Dr. William S. 2 prints.

*Thatcher, Mrs. Howard. (Marie A. Kuhnel). See Medium Photos.

*Thayer, Mrs. Nathaniel. See Large Photos.

*Thom Family. See: Baldwin Collection, B-63.

Thom, Mrs. P. Lea. (Nee Mary Isabella Rieman). 1 print.

*Thomas, Abel C. See Prints Collection.

*Thomas, A.R.MD. See Prints Collection.

Thomas, Brig. Gen. Allen.(empty folder).

Thomas, Douglas H. 1891. 2 prints.

[Thomas, Douglas H.?]. 1 print.

Thomas, Douglas H., Jr. 1 print.

Thomas, Gen. Edward L. CSS. 1 print. See Also Prints Collection.

*Thomas, Elisha S. See Prints Collection.

Thomas, G. 1 print.

Thomas, Gen. 1863. See Prints Collection under Union Generals.

Thomas, Gen. G. 1896. 1 print.

*Thomas, George P. See: PP52.

Thomas, Mrs. Henry M. 1883. 1 print

Thomas, James, Jr. 1 print. 1 negative.

Thomas, J.Hanson, Jr. 1 print.

Thomas, Jesse Burgess. U.S. Senator. 1818-1830. 1 print.

Thomas, John C. See Prints Collection.

Thomas, John L. 1 print.

Thomas, Mrs. J.L. 1 print.

*Thomas, John. See Prints Collection.

Thomas, Dr. Joseph Henry. ca.1941. 65180. 4 prints.

*Thomas, Rev. Joshua. See MF 179. T459. W Frontispiece.

Thomas, [Katherine?] Kit. d. Feb. 6, 1937, aet 99 yrs. 1print.

Thomas, L. 1 print.

Thomas, Lady. 1 print.

*Thomas, Rev. L.B. See Thomas, Dr. Lawrence and Family. John C. Thomas Collection

Thomas, Lawrence Buckley. 1 print.

Thomas, Dr, Lawrence B. and Family.John C. Thomas Collection 5 prints. See Also Tintype Collection

*Thomas, Phebe (Clapp). See MF 179. T465. T Page 9.

Thomas, Philip E. (Bust). 1 print. 1 negative.

Thomas, Philip F. See Prints Collection.

Thomas, Philip F. (1810-1890). Gov. of MD 1848. 1 negative. from print in MdHS Collection

*Thomas, Richard H., Sr. See MF 179. T465. T Page 56.

Thomas, Richard H., M.D.1 print. See MF 179. T465. T Frontispiece.

Thomas, Mrs. T. Roland and others. 2 prints.

*Thomas, Walter Wood. See Thomas, Dr. Lawrence and Family. John C. Thomas Collection

*Thomas, William Hannibal. See Prints Collection

Thomas, William Strobel. 1 print.

Thomborgh, Minnie. 1 print.

Thompson Family-Alice P.,Anita, and Isaac W. 1 print.

Thompson, Angelina Whitaker. 1 print.

*Thompson, Craven Peyton. See Daguerreotype Collection.

Thompson, Craven Peyton. St. Memin Engraving.1 print.

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anthony.(Nee Julie Zelina DeMacklot). 2 negativesby Ye Chung.

Thompson, D.H. 1 print.

*Thompson, Eliza. See Daguerreotype Collection.

Thompson, Gough Wedding Party. 2 prints.

*Thompson, H. Oliver. See Thompson, Gough Wedding Party.

Thompson, Henry.1 print.

*Thompson, Mrs. Henry Anthony. See Daguerreotype Collection.

Thompson, Mrs. H.A. (Nee Meta Oliver). 1 print.

*Thompson, John R. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1298.

Thomson, George F. 1 print.

*Thornton, Col. See MF 179. S62.S Page 40.

Thumb, Mr. and Mrs. Tom. 2 prints.

*Thyson, Parthenia Cromwell. See: PP80.

*Thyson, Paulus. See: PP80.

*Tiernan, Charles B. See Prints Collection. See Also Group Portraits-Carroll, Sally.

*Tiffany, Mrs. Louis McLane. See Prints Collection.

Tiffany, Walter. 1 print.

*Tile, Nancy. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Tilghman, F.W. See Prints Collection.

*Tilghman, Gen. See Washington and His Generals by Chas. Wilson Peale.

*Tilghman, Jeremiah and Venus. Ca. 1850. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Tilghman, Col. John. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Tilghman, Brig. Gen. Lloyd. 1816-1863. See Prints Collection.

*Tilghman, Mary. See MF 179. P3575. V.II Page 20.

*Tilghman, Maj. Richard. See MF 179. P3575. V.II Page 21.

Tilghman, Susanna Stewart (Mrs. James Tilghman). 1 print. 1 negative. 73.13.1.

Tilghman, Susanna Stewart.(Mrs. James Tilghman). 1 print.

Timanus, E. Clay. Mayor of Baltimore. 1905. 1 print. See Also Group Ports. Timanus Family.

Timanus, Edwin Clay. (1863-1923). 1 print.

*Timanus, E. Clay. See Prints Collection. See Mayors of Baltimore.

*Tingey, Comm. Thomas, See MF 179. R69. P Page 179.

*Tirrall, Albert F. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 945.

*Tjamer, Joseph. See: Photography Box I-5.

*Todhunter, Elizabeth. See Thomas, Mrs. Evan Philip.

Todhunter, Helen. 1 print.

Todhunter, Nelly. 1 print.

*Tome, Jacob. See Prints Collection. See MF 179. T656.N Frontispiece.

*Tonge, Harriet Ann Baxley. (1810-1857). See: PP48.

*Tonge, Isabella Grafton. ( -1862). See: PP48.

*Tonge, Laura Eugenia Taylor. (1846-1925). See: PP48.

*Tonge, William George Davis. (1843-1910). See: PP48.

*Tonge Family. See: PP48.

*Torsch, Capt. John W. See Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling.

Torrence, Ann Laires. 1 print.

Tould, Mrs. Rebecca. From D’arcy Paul Estate. 1 print.

*Tournachon, Felix. See MF 179. P74. P55 Page 658.

Town, Francis L. 1 print.

*Towson, Maj. Brevet. See Prints Collection.

*Towson, Gen. N. See MF 179. T755B Frontispiece.

Tracy, Don. 2 prints.

Trappe, August F. City Editor. 1 print.

Travers, Mrs. F. Arnold. Acc. no. 71052. 1 print.

“Travel in Comfort!” [Unidentified Man with Glasses and Beard Sleeping] n. d. 1 print. Photograph by Ken Wilson. There are several signatures around the frame of the photograph. Located in Medium Photographs.

Trentholm, George Alfred. (Secretary of the Treasury C.S.A.). 1807-1876. 1 print.

Trimble, G.T. 1 print.

Trimble, Mrs. G.T. 1 print.

Trimble, Isaac Ridgeway. 1802-1888. Maj. Gen. C.S.A. 1 print. 1 negative. See Also Prints Collection

Trimble, Col. I. Ridgeway—ca.1944. 1 print (with Gen. D. MacArthur).

Trimble, Rachael Ridgeway Starr. 1 print.

Trimble, Rachael Ridgeway Starr. 1 print.

Trimble, Rachael Ridgeway Starr. 1 print.

*Trinkle, Governor. See: State of Virginia (Ships) Launching Party.

Trinkle, Helen Sue. 1 print.

*Trippe, Gen. Andrew C. See Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Baltimore.

Trippe, James M.C. 1 print.

*Trippe, Lt. John 1785-1810. Dorchester County. See Prints Collection.

*Troth, Henry. See MF 179. T85. T Frontispiece.

*Trotter, Dorothy O’Malley. See Rutchie, Gov. Albert C.

*Trotter, Katherine. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

*Trout, Mrs. See Medium Photographs.

*Truitt, Capt. Oscar P. See B-67.

Truman, Harry S. 1 print.

Truman, Harry S. at MdHS. 1 print.

Truman, Pres. Harry S. (1884-1972)—[1948]. 1 print. 1 negative.

Trussell. 1930’s. 1 print.

Trussell, Dr. Allie L. 1 print.

*Truxton, Comm. Thomas. See: MF 179. R69. P Page 179.

Tubman, Harriet. (1821-1913)—1895. 1 print. 1 negative.

*Tuck, Hon. Somerville P. See Prints Collection.

*Tuck, Hon. William Hallam. See Prints Collection.

Tucker, Jane. 1 print.

Tucker, Robert. 1 print.

Tugwell, Rexford Guy. 1 print.

*Turnbull, Alice. See: PP57.

*Turnbull, Catherine (Kate). See: Frick, Catherine Turnbull (Mrs. Geo. P.)

Turnbull, Edwin. See Also: Turnbull, Eleanor. 1 print.

Turnbull, Eleanor. 10 prints. See MF 179. T94 T Page 3.

Turnbull, Grace H. 1 print. See MF 179. T94. T Page 1.

*Turnbull, Helen. See: PP57.

*Turnbull, Jane. See: PP57.

*Turnbull, Jennie. See: PP57.

Turnbull, Lawrence (Family Group). 1 print.

Turnbull, Lawrence. 5 prints.

Turnbull, Mrs. Lawrence. 2 prints.

*Turnbull, William. See: PP57; Stewart, C. Morton.

*Turnbull, William. See Also: Large Photographs, Group Ports. Frick Bros.

*Turnbull, Col. William. See Prints Collection.

Turner, F. 1 print.

Turner, L. 1 print.

*Turner, Lewis. See Prints Collection.

Turner, Lewis McKenzie. 1 print.

Turner, Nannie. 1 print.

Turner, William F. 1 print.

Turnstall, Mrs. William Brooke (Eleanor). 1861-193_. –[1864-1866].1 print.

Tydings, Millard E. 5 prints. 2 negatives

*Tyler, Mrs. Caroline Augusta. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Tyson, Edith Jones. See Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. 1910.

Tyson, Elisha. 1 negative. See Also: Prints Collection.

Tyson, Isaac, Jr. 1 print. See also: Prints Collection.

*Tyson, Mrs. Jesse. See Prints Collection.

Tyson, John S. 2 prints. See Also Prints Collection..

Tyson, Lillie. 1 print.

Tyson, Martha. 1 print.

Tyson, A. Morris. (1866-1956). 1 print. See Also: H.H. Balto.206 Chancery Rd.

*Tyson, Mrs. Nathan(Martha). See: Prints Collection.



Uhtoff, Grace. 1 print.

Uhthoff, Frederick and Busk, Ellen. (Mrs.Frederick Uhthoff). 1845. 1 print.

*Ulman, Benjamin F. See: Prints Collection.

Ulman, Judge Joseph N. (1878-1943). 13 prints. See also: Medium Prints. Graphics Case 17 and 26.

Ulman Family. 11 prints.

Underhill, Harry. 1 print.

*Underwood, Mrs. Rosabla. See: Peale, Rosabla; Also Glass Negatives

Unidentified carte de visites. 7 prints

Unidentified African-American Man, ca. 1865

Unidentified African-American Man, 1890s

Unidentified African-American Man fishing, ca. 1900

Unidentified African-American Man on horse drawn carriage, 1938?, 1 print. Acc#: 2011-006-LIB

Unidentified African-American Man on horse drawn carriage, 228 North Charles Street, 1938?, 1 print. Located in Medium Photographs. Acc#: 2011-006-LIB

Unidentified African-American Woman, ca. 1900. photo mounted on board

Unidentified Confederate Soldier, ca. 1861-1865. Stanton & Butler. 1 carte de visite.

Unidentified man and woman, ca 1885. Photographer: Cooper, T.O., Westminster, Md. 1 Cabinet card

Unidentified Young Woman – ca 1895 – Portraits. 5 prints.

Unidentified Family – Group Portraits. 5 prints; 1 negative.

Unidentified Girl. ca 1875-1899. 1 cabinet card. Photographer: W.A. Cox, 56 N. Charles Street, Baltimore

Unidentified – Group Portraits. 2 prints

Unidentified man. ca 1899-1904. photographer - William Getz. 1 cabinet card.

Unidentified Man. 3 prints

Unidentified man studying. not dated. 1 print.

Unidentified Man with Glasses and Beard in a Suit. n. d. 1 print. 

Unidentified Man with Glasses and Moustache Talking. [ca. 1970s-1980s] 1 print.

Unidentified Portrait of a Man. n .d. Portrait by V. Bachrach. 1 print. Located in Large Photographs.  

Unidentified Portraits. 28 prints

Unidentified portraits. 16 cabinet cards, 3 carte de visites. 2 folders. Acc#2011-020-LIB

Unidentified Woman. (Chair belongs to MdHi, 74.12.1). 1 print

Unidentified Man and Women. 1894-1895. 1 cabinet card. photographer: Bachrach Bros.

Unidentified Man (and location). 1 print

Unidentified Man by Bendann, : 000537. 1 print

Unidentified Man by Meredith Janvier, 1913. 1 print. (Gift of Mr. Arthur W. Machen, Jr., 1991, acc# 003235) Located in Medium Photographs.

Unidentified Man Sitting in a Basket and Smoking a Pipe, with Wine and Vegetables. Not Dated. 1 print. Note: number 11616 pasted on left corner. Located in Medium Photographs.

Unidentified Man sitting at a desk. Not Dated. 1 print. Located in Medium Photographs.

*Unidentified Males. See Medium Photos

Unidentified Man. ca 1889 - 1891. William F. Shorey, photographer. 1 Cabinet Card

Unidentified Man. ca 1894 - 1903. Proctor Studio, photographer. 1 Cabinet Card

Unidentified Man. ca 1870 - 1886. J. Henry Schaefer, Baltimore, photographer. 1 Cabinet Card

Unidentified Men. 6 prints

Unidentified Soldier. ca 1917. Located in Medium Photographs.

Unidentified Woman, not dated, 1 print. Signed by Richard Avedon. Located in Medium Photographs.

Unidentified Woman, ca. 1910, London Studio. 1 print. (Gift of Mrs. Harold Martin, 1991, acc# 003718)

Unidentified Women. 3 prints

Unidentified Women. ca 1890s -1900s. 1 print. photographer: Etchison, Frederick, Md.

Unidentified Women. ca 1890s -1900s. 1 print. photographer: W.C. Bell.

Unidentified Portraits – 1922 (2 women posed in front of house). 1 print

Unidentified Children.6 prints

Unidentified Women. 3 prints

Unidentified Portraits – 1922 (2 women posed in front of house). 1 print

Unidentified Children.6 prints

Unidentified Women. 3 prints

Unidentified Portraits – 1922 (2 women posed in front of house). 1 print

Unidentified Portraits. ca 1888-1895. H. Schaeffer Studio, Annapolis. 1 cabinet card. Acc# 2013-024-LIB

Unidentified Portraits. ca 1889-1904. Hebbel Studio, Baltimore. 12 cabinet cards. Acc# 2013-024-LIB

Unidentified Portraits. ca 1887-1897. Perkins Studio, Baltimore. 6 cabinet cards. Acc# 2013-024-LIB

Unidentified Portraits. ca 1880-1900. Baltimore Studios: Quartley, Ashman, Vincent-Mitchell, Wagner, Jeffres & Rogers, Wartheim, London, Lowry, Selby. 9 cabinet cards, postcards. Acc# 2013-024-LIB

Unidentified Portraits. ca 1880-1900. Various non-Maryland studios. 8 cabinet cards, postcards. Acc# 2013-024-LIB

Unidentified Portraits. ca 1880s-early 1900s. Unidentified studios. 14 cabinet cards, postcards, carte de visites. Acc# 2013-024-LIB

Unidentified Portraits – Eastern Shore photography studios, ca late 1900s. 6 prints. (5 cabinet cards; 1 carte de visite)

Unidentified Children. 2 prints

Unidentified Union Officers, ca. 1861-1865. 3 cartes de viste. Acc#71048 (transfer from museum).

Unidentified Union soldier, ca. 1861-1865. 2 prints (Acc#71886?)

Unidentified Woman. ca 1870. Photographer: J.W. Perkins, Westminster, MD. 1 carte de visite. Acc# 2017-047-LIB.

Unitas, Johnny. 1 print; 1 negative.

*Usher, Agnes Pye. See MF 179. P754. P55 v. 2, page 1612

*Usher, Harriet Ann L’Astrange Snowden. See MF 179. P74. LP55, page 53

*Ussher, F.S.S. See: PP 57




*Vale, Aigburth. See MF 179. O 97 O, pages 66 and 70

*Valentine, Edward V. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.2

*Van Bokkelen, Rev. Libertus. See Oversize File

VanBrocklin, Prof. L. 1 print

*Van Buren, Martin. See Prints Collection

Van Dover, George 1 print

*Van Ness, Barton. See Thompson, Gough Wedding Party

*Van Rensselaer, General. See MF 179. S62 S, page 40

Venable, Mayor Richard M. 1 print

*Verne, Jules. See MF 179. P74. L5, page 162

*Vickers, Harrison. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

*Vicky, George. See Prints Collection

Vinton, Nannie. 1 print

Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print

Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print

Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print

Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print

Vogeler Family, Portraits 7 prints. See also: Tintype Collection

Volck, Dr.,Adelbert John. 16 prints, 6 negatives

Volck, Mrs. Adelbert, nee Letitia Roberta Alleyn. 4 prints

Volck, Annie (and Son George Volck).

Volck, Fanny S. 3 prints

Volck, George. 3 prints

*Volhard, Jacob. SeeMF 179. R 391 G, page 30

*Von Breda, Carl, work of. See Latrobe, Bejamin Henry

Von Der Smith, Mr. and Mrs. 1 print

*Von Kleiser. See Framed Photos

*Von Liebig, Justus. See MF 179. R391. G, page 30



*Wade, Harriet M. See Howard, Mrs. Charles Morris

*Wade, Ida Lee. See Dennis, Mrs, James Teakle

Wade, Col. John J. 1 print

Waggaman, Samuel. 1 print

[Wagoner, Frank] 1 print

Walker, E. 1 print

Walker Family. 5 prints

Walker, John. Portraits. 1 print

*Walker, S.W. See Prints Collection

*Wall, Mrs Margaret M. See MF 179. S654. S, page 120

*Wallace, William Ross. See MF 179. P74. P55,page 893

*Wallace, Lenin Teackle. See Prints Collection

Wallis, Severn Teackle (1816-1894). 5 prints. See MF 179. B894 B, page 134; See Prints Collection

Wallis, Severn Teackle. 2 prints

*Wallis, Severn T. See Oversize File

*Walsh, Mrs. and Child Mary Lucas..See Daguerreotype Collection

*Walsh, Robert. See MF 179. W228. L Frontispiece

*Walter, Rev. J.A. See MF 179. W23. W Frontispiece

*Walters, Henry. See Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore – Group Photo

*Walters, W.T. See Prints Collection

Walton, The Rev. A.S. 1 print

*Walzi, John H. See Prints Col.

*Warburg, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip, 1926.

*Ward, Albert Norman. See MF 179. W255. W Frontispiece

*Ward, Elizabeth R. See Dugan Family acc. no. 65632

Ware, Grason and Odell. 1 print.

*Warfield, Edwin. See Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm, 1914. Group Portraits

*Warfield, Edwin. See Govenors, Maryland.

Warfield, Edwin. 1 print and 1 negative.

*Warfield, Edwin..See also: P.E. Md – Homecoming, 1907 (postcard)

Warfield, Edwin, ca 1904-1908, (Signed – “To my firend Joseph Y. Coattau[?] with my best wishes, Edwin Warfield, Governor of Maryland.” See Medium photographs.

Warfield Family, 1888. 1m print

*Warfield, George. See Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm., 1914. Group Portraits

Warfield, Gov. during World War I. 1 print

Warfield, John Ogle,III 75859 4 prints

Warfield, John Ogle, IV 75859 1 print

Warfield, Miss Mary 1 print

Warfield, T.W. 1 print

Warfield, Mr. (?) 1 print

Warfield, Mrs. (?) 1 print

*Warren, Amelia, Brinkton and Margaret. See: Photography Box I-5

*Warren, Edward. See MF 179. W29. W Frontispiece

Warren, Emily. 3 prints

*Washington, Betty See Lewis, Mrs. Lawerence

*Washington, Judge Bushrod See Glass Negatives

Washington Family – Edward Savage. MdHS Print Collection 1 negative.

Washington, George. 2 prints

Washington, George (c-d-v repro of painting) 1 print

Washington, George. 20 negs and 16 prints of the Berkley Collection of Geo. Washington Prints

*Washington, George. See also: Small Framed Prints, B -13

Washington, George. Stipple engraving after original owned by MdHS. 1 print

Washington – As a Surveyor. Engraved by G.R.Hall Small Prints Collection 1 negative.

Washington, James Barroll 1839-1900 1 print

*Washington, Col. John. See Prints Collection

Washington, Lewis. 1 print

*Washington, Martha. See Prints Collection

Washington, Mary. See Keyser, Mrs. H. Irvine

Wasson, Dr. 2 prints. Carte de Visites by William J. Shorey of Balto. Acc. No. 70025

Waters, Bill – 1936. 1 print

Waters, Charlie and Ruth—63903. 2 prints

*Waters, Elizabeth. See Cromwell, Mrs. Richard

*Waters, George F. See Daguerreotype Collection

*Waters, Greenberry Griffith. See Daguerreotype Collection

Waters, Greenberry Griffith. 1 print. Photo by Thos. N. Fisher, Balto. 57.62.1

*Waters, H. Dorsey, See Daguerreotype Collection

Waters, Irving, 63903. 1 print

*Waters, John, See Oversize File

Waters, Lina, 63903. 2 prints

Waters, Mary Elija. 1 print See Also: Tintype Collection

*Waters, Nathaniel Magruder. See Daguerreotype Collection

*Waterton, Charles. See MF 179. P3575 v. 2. Page 370

Watkins, George R. 1 print

Watkins, Judge R. Dorsey, with Judge Morris Soper. 2 prints

*Watson, Mark S. See P.L. Club Meeting

*Watts,Nathan. See War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore. Druid Hill Park 1880

*Waugh, Rev. Beverly, Bishop of the Methodist Church in Maryland. See Prints Collection 1 print

Way, A.J.H. 1 print

*Wayne, Anthony. See Prints Collection ; Wayne, General Anthony. See MF 179. W655. J page 146

Webb, A. Imogene. 1886 1 print

Webb, Mrs. Frances Anne. 1 print

Webb, Mrs. William (Frances A.). 1 print Formerly 49.80.3

*Webb, Charles. See Prints Collection

Webster, Daniel. 1 print

*Webster, Mary Riser, of Harford County. See Daguerreotype Collection

*Webster, Noah. See Prints Collection

*Weems, Mason Locke. See MF 179. W39. W7 Frontispiece

Weisenfeld, Joe, photo by Dubas 4 prints

*Weiss, Susan Archer Talley. See MF 179. P74. P55, v 2, page1487

Welch, Mrs Perigrene, nee Lydia Richardson. 1 print

*Welch, Dr. William. Portraits – See Dr. Howard A. Kelly “The Four Doctors” by John Singer Sargent.

Welles, Grandmother. 1 print

*Wellesley, Marchioness. See Caton, Mary.

Welling, Frank P. 1 print

*Wells and McComas – See Death – Lying in State

*Wells, Daniel, Lying in State in Prints Collection

*Wells, Hodrace (Monument) See Prints Collection

*Wells, John Doane, M.D. See Prints Collection

*Wells, Rev. Joshua. See Prints Collection

Wentz, Rachel and Goldie – ca. 1912. 1 print

*Werthenbaker, William. See MF 179. P74. P55 page 233

*Wesley, John. See Prints Collection

West, Helen Orem. 1 print. See also Nesmith, Mrs. Charles A.

West, Lt., CSA 1 print

West, William. 2 prints

West, Mrs. William. 2 prints

*West, Mrs. William. See Prints Collection

West, William H. 2 prints

*West, Mrs. William H. See Brake, William H. West’s Four-in- Hand

West, William H. Jr. 2 prints. See Elkridge Kennels – Horse Show

West, Mrs. William H. 3rd 1 print

Westcott, George Burgin. 1 print See also Daguerreotype Collection

Wetherall, Mary 1 print

Wetherall, William G. 1 print

*Wethered, Eliza Yeates. See Owings, Mrs. Samuel S.

Wethered, Samuel 1print

*Wethrill, Capt. and Mrs. and others 1896 See: Tintype Collection

*Wheeler, Davins. See War of 1812 Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore, Druid Hill Park, 1880.

Wheeler, Joseph L. (1884-1970). 1 print.

*Whetcroft, William. See Prints Collection

While, Mrs. Horace. 1 print

Whipple, Henry B. 2 prints

Whipple, Mrs. J. Benjamin. 1 print.

Whipple, John. 1 print

Whipple, Katherine. 1 print

*Whitaker, Rev. Ehper. See MF 179. P74. P55 V.II, page 1381.

*Whitaker, George C. See Prints Collection

Whitaker, Joseph and George P. 1 print

*Whitaker, Mrs. See Culver, Mrs. John K.

White, A. Robinson. 1 print. See also Dutch Ship

White, Charles R. 1 print

White, Edward Lucas, 2 prints. See also Glass Negatives ; Tintype Collection

White, Harry. 2 prints

White, Henry. ; Tintype Collection

White, Harry. 2 prints

White, Henry.; Tintype Collection

White, Harry. 2 prints

White, Henry. 1 print

*White, Isabella Pinkney. See Prints Collection

White, John. 1 print

*White, Mrs. Miles. See MF 179. H78 page 62

White, Thomas, Father of Ed. Lucas White. 1 print

White, Thomas. 1 print. By Holmes I. Mettee.

White, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. 1 print. See also Tintype Collection

*White, Thomas H. See Daguerreotype Collection

*White, Mrs. Thomas H. See Daguerreotype Collection

*White, Thomas Willis. See MF 179. P74. L5 page 68

*Whiteford, Mama. See: Photography Box I-5

Whitehead, John B. 1 print

Whitfield, James, 4th Archbishop of Baltimore. 1 print

*Whitman, Ezra. See Prints Collection

*Whitman, Sarah Ellen. See MF 179. P74. L5 page 144; MF 179. P74. Pe Frontispiece; MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1328

Whitney, Eli 1 print

*Whitridge, Ellen. See Shoemaker, Mrs. Samuel

*Whitridge, J. See Gary Family, 1894 Group Photographs

Whittingham, William, Bishop of Maryland. 3 prints

Whittier, John Greenleaf (1807-1892). 1print and 1 negative. Negative. from the Dictionary of Am. Portraits, page 672.

Whittle, Capt. William C. 1 print

Whyte, William Pinkney (1824-1908), A Governor of Maryland. 1 print. See Dielman File for other pictures.

*Whyte, William Pinkney. See also: PP 52

Wiedorfer, Paul Joseph, Medal of Honor Winner, World War II. 1 negative.

Wier, Eliza Jane Johnson. 1 print

Wier, Robert (Elder). 1 p rint

*Wiggin, Kate Douglas 1912. See Prints Collection

*Wight, John W. See Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm., 1914. Group Portraits

Wilberger, Edith. 1 print

*Wildey, Thomas. See Baltimore Street Views, Broadway. See Prints Collection

Wilkes, Arnold, WBAL TV.

Wilkins, Frederic. 1 print

Wilcox, Mrs. 1 print (Gallery owns bodice, 52.88.2)

Wilkins, Mr. 1 print

Wilkins, Charles 1 print

*Wilkins, Capt. Charles. USN. See Prints Collection Under Union Generals.

*Wilkins, Edward. See Prints Collection.

Wilkins, Minnie. 1 print.

Wilkins, William. 1 print.

*Wilkinson, Maj. Gen. James. See MF 179. W655. J. Frontispiece.

*Wilkinson, Jas. See Prints Collection Under Revolutionary Officers.

*Wilkinson, Mrs. Ann Biddle(Mrs. James). See MF 179. W655. J page 60.

*Willard, Daniel. See MF 179. W692. H Frintispiece.

*Willard, Howard. See MF 179. W692. H Page 40.

*Willard, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip, 1926.

Willett, Miss Lily, 1 print.

Williams, Gen. Alpheus. USA. 1 print.

*[Williams, Anna Nelson].

*Williams, Cecilia Dushane. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Williams, E.A. (1936). See: PP53.

*Williams, Edward A. (1901). See: PP53.

*Williams, Maj. Ennion. See MF 179. P3575 v.I Page 178.

Williams, Miss Fanny. 1 print.

Williams, Frank Thomas. 1 print. See Also Daguerreotype Collection.

*Williams, George Huntington. See MF 179. W746 Frontispiece.

Williams, George Weems. 1 print.

*Williams, H.S. (1872). See PP53.

Williams, Hon. Henry. 1 print.

Williams, Huntington. 1 print.

Williams, Professor Huntington. 1 print.

*Williams, John Thomas. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Williams, John W.M. See Prints Collection Williams, Mrs. J.W.M. See MF 179. W72. M Frontispiece.

Williams, Julia Bell; Julia Bell Williams and her daughters, Sarah, Julia and Eleanor Addison; Eleanor Addison Williams Lanahan. not dated. 3 prints. Located in Medium Photographs. Acc#2017-007-LIB

*Williams, Lucy Page. (1901). See: PP53.

Williams, Miss Mary. 1 print.

Williams, Nathan. 1 print.

Williams, Otho Holland. 1 print (Lithoghaph).

*Williams, Robert W. See: Oversize Photos.

*Williams, Susan May. See Bonaparte, Mrs. Jerome Napoleon.

Williams, William. 1 print.

*Williams, Mrs. William S.G. See Prints Collection.

Williamson, Henry Edward. 1859-1913. 1 print.

*Williamson, Mrs. J.J. and son Henry Edward. Ambrotype. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Williamson, James J. Washington, D.C. 1860. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Willis, the Rev. H. See Prints Collection.

*Willis, Mrs. Henry. See Prints Collection.

*Willis, Nathaniel Parker. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 910.

*Willis, N.P. See MF 179. P74. P55 Page 349.

*Willson, Zipporah. See Auld, Mrs. Hugh, Jr.

*Wilmer, Lambert A. See MF 179. P74. P55 Page 447.

*Wilson, Hon. Ephram King. See MF 179. W747. U Frontispiece.

*Wilson, Eliza. See Daguerreotype Collection.

*Wilson, Franklin. See MF 179. W75. W Frontispiece. See Also: Wilson Collection

Wilson, Hon. George W. 1 print.

*Wilson, [G.?]. See Hoover John L.

*Wilson, Henrietta D’Arcy. See Prints Collection.

*Wilson, J. See Fort McHenry.

*Wilson, Lt. Col. J.W. See Prints Collection.

*Wilson, James. See Prints Collection.

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Windsor, Duke and Duchess of, train stop in Kenmare, North Dakota, ca 1938-39. 3 prints. Acc#2016-006-LIB

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