War of 1812 Collection, MS 1846, 1794-1960

Descriptive Summary

Calendar of War of 1812 Collection


Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Drew Gruenburg

March 1979


Scope and Content Note

The War of 1812 Collection, MS.1846, consists of letters, documents, and other material all of which concerns the War of 1812. Although the bulk of the collection spans the years 1812-1815, there is a wide range of material dating from 1794 to 1960.

The collection reflects both a personal side of the war and a military side. The personal side is revealed by the great number of letters between friends, relatives, and family members concerning their opinions on the war, military activities, and the outlook of the country in general. There are also pages from personal journals, personal statements regarding the war, and certificates of membership in various military associations and clubs.

The military side of the war is reflected in correspondence to and from soldiers and government officials, military records including muster rolls, pay rolls, conscientious objector lists, and commissions, and in other military and government related material such as receipts, logbooks of U.S. vessels, minutes of meetings, and resolutions.

Many of the items in the collection are either typescripts, photostats, or xerox copies. This will be noted on the calendar.


Series Description

The collection has been divided into two main categories: Personal, and Military and Government. The Personal papers have been furthered divided into correspondence and general sections. The Military and Government papers have been furthered divided into correspondence, records, and general sections. There are also two other sections, one devoted to conscientious objector lists and one devoted to muster rolls.

The personal correspondence sections contain letters between friends, family members, and relatives concerning the war -- their opinions on disturbances and the general outlook of the country. There are letters dealing with the declaration of war, of rioting in Baltimore in 1812, preparations for military action in Baltimore, the Battle of Bladensburg, and the Battle of Baltimore. Some letters are from soldiers relating activities of their military life to parents and friends. 1808-1917.

The personal-general section consists of personal accounts of wartime activities, insurance policies, a passport, and certificates of membership in the Association of the Defenders of Baltimore. 1802-1878.

Military correspondence consists of letters written to and from military and government officials. The letters reveal activities during the war including shipping and blockades, foreign relations, troop movements, ammunition deliveries, and

battle descriptions. Correspondents include John H. Rogers, Ninian Pinkney, James McHenry, Thomas W. Veazey, William H. Nicholson, John Stricker, Robert Carr, and Florant Meline. Correspondence dates from 1794-1835.

The Military and Government records date from 1812-1936 and include uniform regulations, commissions, regimental orders, ration and provision returns, pay rolls, certificates of service, orderly books, and pensions.

The Military and Government records- general are made up of receipts for services offered to the military, bills, minutes of meetings, logs of the Surprize and Tonnant, descriptions of the Battle of Baltimore, and land bounty certificates for veterans. 1807-c. 1960.

Conscientious Objector Lists 1808-1812

Muster Rolls ca. 1812-1815



The War of 1812 Collection, MS.1846, is an artificial collection consisting of items originally located in the Vertical File. They were amassed together to form one collection because of their relationship to the War of 1812. The items were given at various times and by various donors and the provenance of some items is clouded. The collection consists of seven boxes and dates from 1794- c.1960 although the bulk of the material spans the years 1812-1815.

Calendar of the War of 1812 Collection MS.1846


Personal Correspondence

1808- 1812

Brown, William to his parents


Series of Letters- Handwritten copies



Rider, R.D. to A. Rider


Hopes that war with America will not last long; next Parliament will be forced to do America justice; prices of flour, potatoes, cheese, butter.


1811 October 29

Bier, J.G. to Jacob Bier


Describes dealings with Norwegians; defines blue dollar and shin plaister; discusses privateers; vessel undergoing repairs.


1812 June 25

McConnell, Matthew to Julianna [McConnell]


We are all as well as might be expected after the solemn declaration of war against Great Britain; heavy fighting at our capes.


1812 July 28

Williams, James W. to John W. Stump


News of battles at sea; in consequence of publication of the Federal Republican, 40 hot headed Federalists anticipated riot; frequent discharge of pieces


1812 July 30

Patterson, William to John Patterson


Letter describing disturbances at Federal Republican Printing Office; editors and employees defended the building, some killed


1812 August 30

Bayley, Gardner to Frye Bayley


Discusses trip from Vermont to Baltimore; been through Catskills, to West Point, New York City; talk of riot in Baltimore


1812 September 26 December 15

Morton ; Russell to Briscoe ; Partridge


Notification of shipment; hopes for a settlement of differences between France and the U.S.


1812 December 12

Snyder, George D. to Jesse P. Albright


You have not written me enough; we are building huts for our winter quarters.


1812 December 18

Dix, T. Jr. to Charles Walker


Sorry to leave Concord without having opportunity of seeing your family; unable to fully pay Mr. Sharpe's demands; just received orders to remove to Annapolis.


1812 December 29

Gauntt, Charles to Charles Gaskill


Received yours of the 28render="italic">th; have no expectation of coming to Washington soon; expect to go to sea in month of March.


1813 January 31

Baldwin, W.H. to Maria Gambrill


Received orders to repair immediately to St. Mary's, the state of Georgia; I shall write again soon



1813 April 23

Hoffman, David to Virgil Maxcy


This city (Baltimore) has become intolerable... form and show but no spirit... nothing which could protect the city from bombardment.

xerox copy


1813 April 25

Kerr, John L. to Dr. Edward Harris


We have been in a continual state of commotion for more than ten days past on account of near approach of British squadron.

Original plus typescript


1813 April 25

Randall, Henry to John Randall, Jr.


Received letter; we now lay in Hudson River under North Battery.



1813 June 4

Randall, Henry to John Randall, Sr.


On Tuesday last our squadron weighed and stood out to sea; the enemy was discovered.



1813 May 16

Purnell, Lemuel to Dr. Edward Harris


Measures taken to protect Kent County residents from British attacks.


1813 May 23

Boyd, James Pillar to James McHenry


Discussion of war in Europe and at home; politics, family matters.



1813 June 23

Murdock, Eleanor to George William Murdock


Letter dealing with her discontentment with the war.


1813 July 4

Richmond, Henry to John O'Neill


Presentation of sword in recognition of patriotic conduct in defense of Havre de Grace.


1813 July 21

Sandys, James to Charles Sandys


Reports that Robert was taken prisoner a few days ago in a watering party.


1813 October 7

Ludlow, Robert C. to Charles Ludlow


What is the cause of your long silence; Constitution is nearly ready for sea; Catharine is entirely recovered.


1814 January 19

Purviance, John to David Stewart


Have perused paper relative to claim against your company; cannot give answer to this claim until proceedings of Admiralty Court are received.


1814 April 2

Baldwin, W.H. to Maria Gambrill


My country demands my services; duty of every citizen to protect his country.



1814 April 14

Goldsborough, R.H. to unknown


1814 May, November

Baldwin, W.H. to Maria Gambrill


Been ordered to U.S. ship Peacock; now have the opportunity of improving myself in seamanship and of seeing a great deal of the world.


1814 May 4

Baker, John to John Baker, [Sr.]


I still remain in prison; please remit me fifty dollars; I hope my prize money will be enough.


1814 May 30

Dorsey, Nicholas to Greenbury Wilson


You and friends want to become members of a troop of horse; opposition respecting officers.


1814 June 22

Presstman, William to E. Jackson


Discusses news from Europe and Bonaparte.


1814 August 29

Forman, T[homas] M. to Martha Brown Forman


Describes new quarters in Baltimore; increasing strength of his troops; mentions General Samuel Smith.

Original plus handwritten copy.


1814 September 10

Armistead, George to Louisa Armistead


Family news; talk of British movements on the bay.

Original plus typescript


1814 September 27

Harris, John to William Harris


Has spent a very fatiguing time... marching but not much fighting; describes marching to Bladensburg.


1814 September 9

Hoffman, George W.M. to John Hoffman


Describes march to Bladensburg and the ensuing battle.


1814 September 12

[Hewes, John] to Edward Hewes


British fleet is in full view of this city, (Baltimore); gives size of British invading forces and their movements.


1814 September [13]

Hollingsworth, Levi to Ann Hollingsworth


Description of his part in Battle of Baltimore; notes he received a wound.

Plus notice of his being wounded. 1816.


1814 September 14

Forman, T[homas] M. to Martha Brown Forman


Re: Battle of Baltimore; troop movements; skirmishes.

Original with handwritten copy


[1814 September 14]

[Stump, John] to Sally Stump


Reference to Battle of Baltimore; Fort McHenry


1814 September 17

Robertson, W.M. to Mitchell Robertson


Re: Battle of Baltimore


1814 September 20

McHenry, M. to John McHenry


Re: Battle of Baltimore



1814 September 23

Teackle, Severn to Philip Wallis


Re: Battle of Baltimore; mention of Mr. Key writing a song



1814 September 29

Stevens, James to Mrs. Julian Pernell


Tired, my poor frame is weak; Battle of Baltimore.


1814 October 2

Sandys, James to Charles Sandys


Enclose mu appointment to act as Lieutenant of Hornet; we landed with intention to attack Baltimore however we found the enemy too strong.


1814 November 14

Bell, John to Thomas C. Bell


Report on[work] of Battle of Fort McHenry; Baltimore surrounded by encampments; soldiers dying off rapidly...

photostat and typescript


1814 December 21

Lloyd, Edward to Elijah Davis


Must retire from public office at this time; fraud practiced in Maryland govt. to obtain power.



1815 March 14

Ludlow, Robert to Charles Ludlow


Secretary has ordered officers and men at Sacketts Harbour to this place (Charlestown, Mass.); force going up Mediterranean will be respectable.


1815 April 19

Kinsong, Jahiel to Joseph Tidball


I address you with excited sensibilities and strong emotions of sympathy; arrived here to await the great chief on my honourable acquittal.


1815 May 13

Robinson, [Frances] to Edward Robinson


Family news; I hope you are all well

Original and typescript.


1815 August 5

Rider, R.D. to Arthur Rider


Re: father's death; I glory in the success of the American cause.


1817 March 1

Bayley, G[ardner] to Frye Bayley


Wishes to see tha family; has lived under great stress.


1818 August 6

Montgomery, John to Cashier of the Bank of Washington


Deliver to Benjamin [Homan] a packet of papers deposited in the Bank in my name in [1813-1814].


1819 May 5

Hill, Ebenezer to B. Hill


Discusses travels; observations of Baltimore; Compares Baltimore and Philadelphia



1820 October 30

Hawkins, James H. to Nathaniel F. Williams


Letter praising William's patriotic services during War of 1812.


1843 December 28

William, N.F. to John A. Webster


I have in my care for safe keeping the sword given you by the State of Maryland for the gallant defense of this city [Baltimore]


1853 July 22

Webster, John A. to Brantz Mayer


Records role in Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry.


1853 October 27

Ingraham, Edward D. to Brantz Mayer


Re: furnishing Mayer with information about Ingraham's role in War of 1812.


1854 April 17

Piper, James to Brantz Mayer


Gives version of British assault on Baltimore in considerable detail. Published in Maryland Historical Magazine VII


1855 April 17

Scott, Winfield to James Norton


Explains Baltimore's role in War of 1812



1861 December 9

Lester, John to Benson J. Lossing


Re: first printing of Star Spangled Banner; location of Battery at Fort Covington.


1885 October 27

King, Horatio to John H. B. Latrobe


My narrative of [UNK] of Bladensburg and capture of Washington appears in November number of the magazine of American History; copy being sent to the society


1885 November 5

[UNK] Horatios to John H. B. Latrobe


Present November number of the Magazine of American History to Maryland Historical Society


1906 December 7

Bonaparte, Charles J. to Mendes Cohen


Letter re: construction of steam frigate at Baltimore; letters from Robert Fulton, Navy Department


1909 January 8

Robinson, John to [Richard D.] Fisher


Life of Thomas H. Perkins does not mention the Star; might be well to look into Admiralty Court Records in N.Y.


1917 March 10

Saltzgaber, G.M. to Cordelia Jackson


Letter re: war record of John Wood



Bayley, G. to Lavinia Bayley


Letter describing life in floating prison in Jamaica; daily occurrences, how time was spent; poem.

Original and typescript





Capt. George F. De la Roche


Memoranda of various trips at sea- autobiographical Photocopy; edited version in Maryland Historical Magazine vol. 42, December.


ca. 1812

McIntosh, Duncan


Account of the capture of English Brig Honduras; pages from Schooner America's journal.


1812 June 11

An Antedote against Fear


Statement of Cornelius Comegys entreating his countrymen to take up arms and fight.


1813 April 1

Hoffman, peter


Membership card for First Troop of Baltimore Light Dragoons.


1813 November 8

Goodwin, Lyle et als. to William Douglas


Insurance policy for schooner Osprey



1813 November 8

Hackerman, H.H. et als. to William Douglas


Insurance policy for schooner Osprey



1815 May 19

Law, Goerge




1815 June 10

Epigram on the Supreme Court


Also a note concerning Col. Nathan Towson's conduct at Battle of Black Rock.


1834 February 28

Karthaus, Peter Arnold


Statement written by Karthaus regarding shipping expeditions.


1839 September 16

Houck, Jacob


Agreement for sale of land; typed copy


1842 May 14

Eichelberger, George S. and Hiss, Jesse L.


Certificates of membership in the Association of the Defenders of Baltimore in 1814.


1876, 1878

Toasts given on the anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore.



Joshua's Prophecy


Gilbert Byron, short story



Rogers, Commodore


Biographical Sketch



Incidents of the War of 1812


Recollections of J[ohn] S[teuart] Skinner from the Baltimore Patriot.



Star Spangled Banner


Handwritten copy possibly done by Mary Swope of Baltimore.



The War of 1812 on the Chesapeake Bay


by Gilbert Byron typed copy.


1892 December 13

Slee, Sadie Louise


Certificate of honorary membership in the Association of the Descendents of the Defenders of Baltimore


1893 October 21

Easter, Arthur M.


Seal of Society of War of 1812 presented to him at meeting


MILITARY - Correspondence


1794 August 22

Randolph Edmund to Governor [R.D. Spaight]


Letter explaining complaints of British officials about unfriendly treatment towards British ships and seamen while in Amerivan ports. copy


1809 February 28

Montgomery, John to Gen. E.F. Chambers et al.


Re: British and French shipping; discussion of non-intercourse act; talk of Madison and Jefferson


1809 May 16

Duvall, Gabriel to Collectors


Circular letter to all collectors


1809 August 18

Armstrong, John to John Trippe


Discussion of shipping and blockade in Holland


1811 December 11

Archer, Stevenson to [Elijah Davis]


Report of Committee on Foreign Relations recommends preparations of hostile nature



Robinson, A. to James McHenry


Series of letters; land prices; selling of coffee

typed copies


1812 June 19

Sweeting, Thomas to Capt. John H. Rogers


Notice of a meeting of the officers of 51st regiment


1812 July 17

Sweeting, Thomas to Capt. John H. Rogers


Orders to draft men to parade at Howard's Park on 29th July


1812 July 20

Fulton, J.W. to Capt. John H, Rogers


Statement of hearing loss; unable to serve in militia


1812 August 10

Sawyer, H. to [Don Onis]


Received your letter; will give orders to commanders of His Majesty's Squadron not ot molest American Vessels.


1812 October 5

Deringer, Henry to Ninian Pinkney


Will soon have swords ready; was unlucky with he pistols barrels; will pack swords and send as soon as possible.


1813 January 15

McHenry, James to Benjamin Tallmadge


Letter describing dream involving Madison, War of 1812, British Army, Bonaparte, 13th Congress -- photostat


1813 May 10

Veazey, Thomas W. to John Ward et al.


Request that you act as a committee to ascertain the damages done by forses under Admiral Cockburn to the inhabitants of Frederick Town.


1813 August 16

Nicholson, Maj. Wm. H. to Lt. Col. Thomas Wright


States enemy's movements from Queenstown; gives reasons why he retreated instead of engaging the the enemy; discusses British troops on Kent Island


1813 October 18

Armstrong, John to Florant Meline


Appointment as 3rd Lieutenant in 15th regiment of infantry.


1814 August 19

Stricker, John to Major Armistead


Please deliver artillery ammunition to Colonel Harris


1814 June 20

Military Instructions to Colonel Beall


Persons from Annapolis promise to send artillery and horses to Col. Beall. Also letter from E.W. Beall to daughter in Georgetown about family matters


1814 June 22

Perry, Oliver Hazard to Samuel L. Anderson


You, with my other friends, rejoiced in my good fortune; see boston in better light than Anderson; Anderson is warped by party feeling.


1814 June 29

Carr, Robert to Florant Meline


Directed to proceed to Philadelphia to open a recruiting rendezvous for the 15th regiment


1814 July 26

Carr, Robert to Florant Meline


Will be at your rendezvous Thursday next; pleased at your success


1814 August 17

Evans, D.L. to Col. Thornton


Instructions concerning movements of British troops in attacks on Baltimore and Washington


1814 August 17

Carr, Robert to Florant Meline


Directed to forward all the recruits at your rendezvous to Trenton


1814 August 26

Jones, Lloyd to Madame de la Roche


Saw George de la Roche in Washington; fears peace will not succeed and extermination and hatred will follow


1814 Sept. 13

Foncier, John to James McHenry


Appreciates McHenry's kindness; hopes Ft. McHenry will resist enemy attack; requests letter from McHenry giving evidence of approbation of U.S. for Foncier's services


1814 Sept. 19

Wagner, John to Capt. Philip B. Sadtler


Wagner tenders his resignation; he has never been naturalized- suffered indignities


1814 October 6

Henck, F.W. to P[hilip] B. Sadtler


[UNK] beg leave to tender you my resignation as a regular member of the company


1814 October 15

Carr, Robert to Florant Meline


Directed to forward ten recruits to this place; Send the man whom you mentionned as a good fifer


1814 November 10

Carr, Robert to Florant Meline


Will receive clothing from Trenton; forward eight of your party to Trenton



Jones, William to Richard Cutts


Re: nails to be purchased for the Navy Dept.


1815 February 8

Burd, John A. to Florant Meline


Wish to confine Daniel Reynolds as a deserter; some example must be made and Reynolds would be a good subject


1815 February 17

Carr, Robert to Florant Meline


Forward ten of your recruits to Trenton


1815 March 16

Jessop, Abraham to Charles Perygo


Ordered regimental Court Martial to convene at Randallstown; I appoint you a menmber of the court



George Presstman et al. to Paul Bentalou


re; the removal of piles in the harbor put there to prevent British ships from having free passage to Baltimore


1835 October 1

Hagner, P. to James H. Causten


Ship Scioto sunk in defence of Baltimore was raised and returned to the owners; amount to be paid to owners depends on condition before sunk.





Uniform Regulations


Maryland Militia- photostats


1812 March 25

Newton, William


Commission as major of extra battalion of the militia of Dorchester Co.; signed by Robert Bowie


1812 May 22

Hawkins, Samuel


Commission as Lieutenant Col. in militia of Charles Co; signed by Robert Bowie; photostat


1812 May 22

Moale, Samuel


Commission as Captain of artillery company, Maryland Militia in the City of Baltimore signed by Robert Bowie


1812 July 23

Post, Thomas


Commission as 1st Lieutenant in 12th regiment of infantry of U.S.; signed by James Madison William Eustis; oversize


1812 December 30

Ship Osprey


Register of vessel; oversize



Warner, A.E.


Commission, correspondence, provision returns



1813 August 20

[Burke, Nicholas]


Account of sundry expenses of the company that I command...


1813 March 12

Winder, William H.


Regimental orders. 14th infantry


1813 March 30

Armstrong, J. to Thomas Post


Appointment as Captain in 12th regiment of infantry


1813 April

Provision Returns


1813 April

Role of City Horse Guards Baltimore


1813 May 14

Dorsey, John W.


Commission as Captain in 32nd regiment of militia of Anne Arundel Co.; signed by Levin Winder


1813 August 8

Brooke, Thomas; Duvall, Trueman


Provision Returns


1813 August 20- 23

Maryland Militia- Receipt Book


1813 September 6

Barnes, Adam


Pay Roll


1813 September 22

Gaines, E.P. to JohN Wirt


Difference on statement of the recruiting account of Gaines


1813 November 2

Stout, Ira


Certificate of service for 71 days as Sergeant in 1st regiment of Kentucky Mounted Volunteers


1814 February 1

Steiner, Stephen


Commission as major in militia of Frederick Co.; signed by Levin Winder


1814 February 26

Copy of document re Schooner Lawrence; Edward Veazey; oversize


1814 March 7

Dryden, Josjua


Certificate of membership in the Baltimore Union Volunteers


1814 March 24

Hennick, George


Commission as major in militia of City of Baltimore; signed by Levin Winder


1814 March 25

Ross, Reuben


Commission as 2nd lieutenant; signed by Levin Winder; original plus photostat


1814 April 15

Kirwan, Solomon et als.; formation of artillery company


Creighton, Isaac et als.; election of officers for the company


1814 April 18

Pay Roll of the 21st regiment of Maryland militia




1814 April 24

Kent County Militia


Certificate of election of officers


1814 July

Somerville, William C.


Pay Receipt


1814 July 7

Taylor, Peregrine


Certificate of service in Calvert County militia


1814 July 13

Perego, Charles


Commission as ensign in militia of Baltimore Co.; signed by Levin Winder


1814 Aug.- Nov.

Orderly Book


Third Maryland Brigade


1814 August 8

Belt, William J.


Prisoner of war certificate


1814 August 30

Report of the 56th Virginia regiment


1814 August 31

Baltimore Horse Artillery


List of Subscribers


1814 Sept. 13

List of the Artillery Co. of Fencibles immediately after bombardment of Fort McHenry


1814 November 8

Cooke, William


Commission as captain in 5th regiment of Md. militia


1814 November 14

Robinson, [Joseph]


Court Martial Proceedings


1814 November 18

McHenry, Francis


Discharge Proceedings; xerox copy


1814 October 15- Nov. 26

Orderly book of First Division Pennsylvania Militia


1815 February 24

Stewart, Joseph


Bounty petition concerning capture of British armed schooner and request for bounty- to Senate and House of Rep.


1815 March 11- April 5

Belton, Francis J.


General orders fro 10th Military District; proceedings of court martial on discipline cases oversize


1819 December 4

Shaw, John


Return of arms and ammunition


1830 April 28

Wells, Mary


Petition for Assistance and Support of son killed at Battle of North Point

typed copy


1870 July 8

Reardon, Elizabeth


Claim for pension from husband who served in War of 1812



1872 August 7

Stump, Sarah R.


Widow's Pension


1874 June 25

Taylor, James


Survivor's pension



Hiller, A.D. to J. Hall Pleasants


re: records of John Clemm; soldier killed in Battle of Baltimore




1884 June

Hiss, Eliza


Widow's pension


1813 August

Return of Capt. Wm. MeConchin's Co.


1813 August 30



51st Md. militia of Capt. Michael Peter


1813 September



51st Md. Militia; Capt. Haubert's Co.


1813 May 6

Return of 45th regiment





of Capt. Comegy's Co.


1814 Sept.

Pay roll


1st regiment of Capt. Parnham's Co.



List of eligible for enrollment in militia


Missing as of Feb. 7, 1997 [UNK]


Government, Military- General


1807 July 3

Copy of resolutions made by citizens of Annapolis regarding attack of British ship Leonard on American Frigate Chesapeake; Robert Wright



Minutes af the Governor and Council of Maryland typescript


1813 April 12

Flannagain, Wm. and James Beatty Parsons, Wm.


Articles of agreement for the building of a 48 gun frigate in Baltimore; dimensions and sizes of materials


1813 April 17

Cry ; Hetzler


Bill for levelling road at head of Dulaney St.; Hampstead Hill; towards North Point


1813 July 20

Mankin, Isaiah


Received of quarter master R. Moale an order for Mankin


1813 August

[Corbley], Elizabeth


Receipt for 1 month house rent; Hampstead Hill


1813 December 14

Committee of St. Mary's 60. to U.S. Congress


Statement of grievances typescript


1813 December 8

Skinner, John to John Grey


Account for use of Sloop President to convey prisoners of war and provisions; photostat


1814 January 21

Monroe, James to


Form letter directing that no commissions be issued to private armed vessels unless they have compliment of at least twenty officers and men.


1814 March 27

Jackson, Gen Andrew


Map of position at Battle of Horse Shoe; xerox copy


1814 Aug. 30- Oct. 2

Log of the render="italic">Surprize; xerox copy with typescript


1814 Aug. 23 - Sept. 30

Log of the Tonnant; xerox copy and typescript


1814 Aug.24 - 1815 Jan.9

Minute Book of the Committee of Vigilance and Safety


1814 Sept. 6 - 13

Description of events leading up to Battle of Baltimore


Typescript from The Naval History of Great Britain


1814 Sept. 27

Baltimore, Battle of- description


Account in the Salem Gazette; Massachusetts



1814 Sept.

H.M.S. Tonnant ; H.M.S. Surprize


Records of these ships relating Key's visit


[1814]Sept. 13

Captains Brown, Wilcocks, and McNamara send thanks for everything received at this [house]


1814 Sept. 24

Official account of Battle of Baltimore printed in Baltimore newspaper


1814 Sept. 17

Committee of Vigilance and Safety


Account and correspondence


1814 Sept. 22

Holt, John; Lock, Alexander


Received of John Holt 2 eighteen pound cannon


1814 October 17

Champayne, John Royer


Protest against the Committee of Vigilance and Safety


1814 November 2

Spencer, Capt. Jonathan to Solomon Lowe


Deliver to Sergeant Chance 17 rations for the men


1814 November 10

Barry, Major Standish


Affadavit regarding death of Barry's horse in battle; receipt for $200.00


[1814 Nov. 18]

Eichelberger, George S.


Certificate of service in the Baltimore Independent Blues


1814 Nov. 26

Fowler, Benjamin


Affadavit and receipt for loss of horse killed in battle


1814 Nov. 27

Frazier, Joseph to Solomon Lowe


Please to service out eleven half rations of whiskey for the guard on duty at Easton


1814 Sept. 12

Baltimore, Battle of


description; photostat



Stockton, Richard Field


and the defence of Baltimore; short biographical sketches


1815 February 18

Caldwell, John R.


Minutes of a conversation held with James Monroe


1815 March 18

Committee of Vigilance and Safety to Joseph Jeffers


Receipt for driving piles in the Baltimore basin


1815 March 20

Robinson, Thomas


Receipt for $1.50 for hauling British prisoner's baggage from the point to the jail


1815 May 13

Pinkney, William


opinion on British ship captured American privateers



Committee of Citizens of Baltimore to Capt. John Webster


Re; presentation of plate to Lt. Col. Armistead and presentation of award to Webster for Gallant defence of Ft. McHenry


1816 February 12 February 14

Great Britain- Orders in Council


prohibiting exportation of gunpowder, salt petre, or arms


1816 April 17

Resolution by the city of Baltimore


Maj. Gen. Samuel Smith, Brig. Gen. John Stricker, and Lt. Col. George Armistead to sit for their portraits; thanks also given for their services



1819 March 22

Bassett, William


Land bounty certificate for land in Missouri; signed by James Monroe


1823 May 14

Taylor, James M.


Affadavit re slave who reportedly fled to British


[1843 Sept. 12]

York North Pointers


Celebration of Pennsylvanians who fought in Maryland at Battle of Baltimore


1852 May 1

Robb, John


Land Bounty certificate granted to those engaged in military service of United Sattes; copy


1853 August 13

List of members of the Association of the Defenders of Baltimore in 1814


1929 Nov. 4

Key, F.S. and J.S. Skimner


Info. on from Public Records Office photostat



North Point, Battle


Description of a resolution relating to the commission of a painting of the battle



Sasscer, Harrison


Some particulars of the Death of Sir Peter Parker written by Sasscer





1808 Sept. 26

Conscientious Objectors


for persons residing in the 5th regiment


1808 Nov. 6

Conscientious Objectors- return of for persons residing in 16th regiment


1809 February 1

for persons residing in 28th regimental district of Maryland militia


1809 February 3

for person residing in 24th regimental district


1809 Feb. 14

for persons belonging to the Extra Battalion of Harford Co. militia


1809 Feb. 18

for person residing in 47th regimental district


1809 Feb. 21

for persons residing in 29th regimental district


1809 Feb. 22

for persons belonging to the Extra Battalion of Montgomery Co. militia


1809 Feb. 22

for persons residing in 42nd district


1809 Feb. 25

for persons residing in 40th regimental district


1809 Feb. 28

for persons residing in 36th regimental district


1809 Feb. 28

for persons residing in 42nd regimental district


1809 March 6

for persons residing in 8th regimental district


1809 March 30

for persons residing in 13th regimental district


1809 April 18

for persons residing in 13th regiment of Maryland militia


1809 November

from Frederick Co. 9th district


1810 Feb. 10

for persons bearing arms in extra battalion of Harford Co.


1810 Feb. 17

for persons residing in 24 regiment


1810 March 20

for persons residing in 8th regiment


1811 Feb. 14

for persons belonging to extra battalion of Harford Co.


1811 Feb 20

for persons residing in 13th regiment


1812 Feb. 28

for persons belonging to extra battalion of Harford Co. militia


1812 Feb. 2

for persons residing in 13th regiment


1812 March 1

for persons residing in 8th regimental district


 Muster Rolls



Kent Co. Militia Company


1813 July 15

of 45render="italic">th regiment


1813 July 29

of Capt. Cawood's Company


1813 July

of Capt. Dent's Company


1813 August 4

of Capt. James Massey


1813 Oct. Nov.

of field and staff officers, 12th regiment


1813 April

of City Horse guards


1814 March 25

of Capt. Dent's Company; and 43rd regiment of Lt. Col. William Camelton


1814 June 15

of Capt. Dunnington's Co. 43rd regiment


1814 June

of Capt. Thompson's Co.; 43rd regiment


1814 July 14

of Lt. Col. Wm. Hamilton's Co. oversize


1814 July 20

of Capt. Posey's Co.; 1st regiment oversize


1814 July 22

of Capt. Dunnington's Co.; 43rd regiment


1814 July

of 43rd regiment


1814 July

of Brig. Gen. Philip Stuart; 43rd regiment oversize


1814 July

of 34render="italic">th regiment Capt. Brooke's Co. oversize



1814 August 12

Baltimore Indepenent Company Muster Order


1814 Aug. 31-Sept. 18

of Capt. Kiersted's Co. 6render="italic">th regiment oversize


1814 Sept. 29

of Co. A, 36th regiment Capt. John Owings


1814 October

of Capt. P.B. Sadtler's Co. oversize



of Capt. Millar's Co. oversize



of Capt. Snowden's Co. oversize



of Capt. Burgess' Co. oversize



of Capt. Warner's Co. oversize


1815 Feb. 10

of Capt. Dent's Co. 43rd regiment oversize



of Capt. Gray's Co. oversize