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Selection of MdHS Press Titles

Builders of Annapolis: Enterprise and Politics in a Colonial Capital.
Norman K. Risjord.
218pp., illus. $18.95 paper
ISBN 0-938420-61-5


The Chesapeake: An Environmental Biography.
John R. Wennersten.
275pp. $24.95 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-75-5


The Diary of William Faris:
The Daily Life of an Annapolis Silversmith
Mark B. Letzer and Jean B. Russo, eds.
496pp., illus. $40.00 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-80-1


The Great Baltimore Fire.
Peter B. Petersen.
232pp., illus. $25.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-92-5


A Guide to Genealogical Research in Maryland,
5th Edition, Revised and Enlarged
Henry C. Peden, Jr.
202pp. $18.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-72-0


Kent Island: The Land That Once Was Eden.
Janet Freedman.
164pp., illus. $22.95 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-84-4


The Living City: Baltimore’s Charles Center & Inner Harbor Development.
Marion E. Warren & Michael P. McCarthy.
126pp., illus. $35.00 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-68-2


Maryland History in Prints, 1743-1900.
Laura Rice.
416pp., illus. $75.00 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-71-2


A Monument to Good Intentions:
The Story of the Maryland Penitentiary, 1804-1995
Wallace Shugg.
262pp., illus. $20.00 paper $24.95 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-67-4


The Mighty Revolution:
Negro Emancipation in Maryland, 1864-1864
Charle Lewis Wagandt.
312pp. $20.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-91-7


From Mobtown to Charm City: New Perspectives on Baltimore’s Past.
Jessica Elfenbein, John R. Breihan, and Thomas L. Hollowak, eds.
306pp., illus. $25.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-85-2


On Afric’s Shore: A History of Maryland in Liberia, 1834-1857.
Richard L. Hall.
670pp., illus. Annotated Roll of Settlers. $45.00 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-86-0


The Plundering Time: Maryland and the English Civil War, 1645-1646.
Timothy B. Riordan.
400pp. $35.00 cloth, $20.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-88-7


Toward Equality: Baltimore’s Progress Report.
Edgar L. Jones & Jack Levin.
124pp., illus. $10.00 paper


Yellow Flag: The Civil War Journal of Surgeon’s Steward C. Marion Dodson.
Charles Albert Earp, ed.
164pp., illus. $16.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-79-8


A Maryland Sampling: Girlhood Embroidery 1738-1860.
Gloria Seaman Allen.
384 pp. 150 color illus., $75.00 cloth
ISBN 938420-98-4.


Challenging Slavery in the Chesapeake:
Black and White Resistance to Human Bondage, 1775-1865
T. Stephen Whitman.
320 pp. illus., $20.00 paper,
ISBN 938420-96-8.


Hanging Henry Gambrill:
The Violent Career of Baltimore’s Plug Uglies, 1854-1860
Tracy Matthew Melton.
480pp., illus. $35.00 cloth, $20.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-93-3


African American Leaders of Maryland: A Portrait Gallery.
Suzanne E. Chapelle and Glenn O. Phillips.
168pp., illus. $20.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-69-0


After Chancellorsville, Letters from the Heart:
The Civil War Letters of Private Walter G. Dunn & Emma Randolph
Judith A. Bailey & Robert I. Cottom, eds.
278 pp., illus. $22.50 paper
ISBN 0-938420-62-3


Can a Coal Scuttle Fly?
Camay Calloway Murphy & Tom Miller. [child]
32pp., illus. $14.00 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-55-0


Do You Remember?: The Whimsical Letters of H. L. Mencken and Philip Goodman.
Jack Sanders, ed.
200pp. $24.95 cloth
ISBN 0-938420-54-2


Filming Maryland.
Leith Johnson, Nancy Davis, Michael G. Williams & Jed Dietz.
48pp., illus. $7.95 paper
ISBN 0-938420-73-9


John Gottlieb Morris: Man of God, Man of Science.
Michael J. Kurtz.
224pp., illus. $20.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-58-5


Lavish Legacies:
Baltimore Album and Related Quilts in the Collection of the Maryland Historical Society
Jennifer Faulds Goldsborough.
138pp., illus. $40.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-39-9


Mapping Maryland: The Willard Hackerman Collection.
Robert W. Schoeberlein.
64pp., illus. $20.00 paper
ISBN 0-938420-64-X


Maryland in the Civil War: A House Divided.
Robert I. Cottom & Mary Ellen Hayward.
128pp., illus. $24.95 paper
ISBN 0-938420-51-8


Mermaids, Mummies, and Mastodons: The Emergence of the American Museum.
William T. Alderson, ed.
104pp., illus. $20.00 cloth
ISBN 0-931201-15-2


Placenames of Maryland: Their Origin and Meaning.
Hamill Kenny.
364pp. $22.50 paper
ISBN 0-938420-28-3


Unlocking the Secrets of Time: Maryland’s Hidden Heritage.
Jean B. Russo, ed.
120pp., illus. $7.95 paper
ISBN 0-938420-43-7