Digital Learning Resources: #MuseumFromHome

Although you may not be able to join us in person, the Maryland Historical Society is offering digital resources to bring history home. Take a look at our resources below organized by grade level or audience. 

For any inquiries about digital learning resources or programs, please contact us at [email protected] 

K-4th Grade

Margaret Brent and the Right to VoteMargaret Brent was the first woman in Maryland to ask for the right to vote during the Colonial Era. Learn about her life and what it means to vote in this fun activity.

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Create a Protest Sign

In this lesson, students analyze a photograph taken by Afro American Newspaper photographer Paul Henderson of the Ford’s Theater protest in Baltimore and answer related questions. After looking at the primary source, students make their own protest sign.

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The Chesapeake Bay

Whether for food, travel, or fun, the Chesapeake Bay has always been important to Marylanders. Let your students explore the Chesapeake through video analysis from our You and Your Watershed Virtual Field Trip and through a fun word search. This video was created in partnership with the National Aquarium.

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How to Make Butter Lesson

Want to mix history and science? Students will watch an informative video on how butter is made, and learn how to make butter at home! Linked worksheet also available.
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Clothing of Colonial Maryland Lesson

Through photographic exploration and a fun word search, this lesson teaches students about the clothing styles in Colonial Maryland.

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Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 Activity

Explore an earlier time when a community reacted to a major disaster. Students analyze maps, images and laws to see how Baltimore changed due to the Great Fire. 

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4th-8th Grade

 Underground Railroad: Resisting Slavery in Maryland

This lesson features primary source documents that explore the strategies enslaved people used to escape slavery via the Underground Railroad. Using guided primary source analysis, students gather evidence and compare sources in response to the question “How did enslaved African Americans escape from slavery in Maryland?”

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 How Did the Chesapeake Bay Shape Early Maryland?

This lesson features primary source documents that take a look at the resources the Chesapeake Bay provided and how it influenced early settlement of Maryland. Using guided primary source analysis, students gather evidence and compare sources in response to the question, “How did the Chesapeake Bay influence life in early Maryland?”

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  Comparing Maryland's Regions
To see the full Historical Investigations Portal curriculum for 4th-5th and 8th-12th grades click 

This lesson features primary source documents to analyze Maryland’s counties in the 1800s. Students will answer the question “How did geography and economy differ among the regions of Maryland?”

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Civil War Diary Analysis

During the American Civil War, women’s lives were affected by all aspects of the war. In this lesson, students use primary sources to explore how war impacted one Maryland woman.

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8th-12th Grade

 Protesting Segregation

This lesson features primary source documents that explore the long civil rights movement in Maryland, from the 1860s to the 1960s. Using guided primary source analysis, students gather evidence and compare sources in response to the question, “What were the issues of the civil rights movement in Maryland and how were these issues being protested?”

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Collecting Students’ Stories of the Baltimore Uprising

The 2015 Baltimore Uprising was a pivotal moment in Maryland's history. Students are welcomed to share their memories of the events 5 years after.

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  Exploring History: How to Use Primary Sources

This lesson highlights the amazing collection of the MdHS’s library while guiding students through how to use primary sources, including the concepts of bias and historic context and finding the “who, what, when, where and why” of sources.

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  Women In Public Life

This lesson features guided primary source analysis to help students learn about expectations society held for women in the 1800s and answer the question “How did women define their role in the public sphere?”

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 Western European Immigration: Push and Pull

This lesson focuses on German and Irish populations, and students answer the question, "What were some of the factors that pushed immigrants from their home countries and pulled them to Maryland?" 

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To see the full Historical Investigations Portal curriculum for 4th-5th and 8th-12th grades click here.

Activities for Families

 Did you know the Chesapeake Bay is almost 200 miles long? Learn even more about the Chesapeake Bay and the history of the animals and people who have called the Bay their home in this online, interactive activity!>

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Do you have a passion for fashion? Bring our Spectrum of Fashion exhibit to your home! Download our Fashion booklet to try your hand at designing clothes based on our collection, or color in your favorite designs!

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 Life Then & Now

Check out our interactive, online activity in order to travel back to the 1800s, meet five children from Maryland, and learn about their lives and their world!

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