Calvert Legacy Circle

Make a lasting commitment to the

Maryland  Historical Society 

The Calvert Legacy Circle is composed of friends of the Maryland Historical Society who wish to make an impact on our mission beyond their lifetime, and have made us part of their estate plans.

Richard and Beverly Tilghman

The Maryland Historical Society is built upon the legacy of many generous donors. You can be a part of this tradition. 

 Making MdHS part of your estate plan is not difficult. A simple provision in a will or naming MdHS as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy are two easy solutions. Those wishing to support MdHS but who are concerned about having enough income may consider a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust. These options provide an income stream to you, offer significant tax benefits, and afford our mission long-term support. You will find ready support through our Develeopment Office for all your planned giving questions.  

 Already made us part of your plans? Please let us know! There is no obligation to disclose the details of your plans, and Circle members may be listed as “anonymous” if desired. We would simply like the chance to say "thank you" and ensure you stay connected with us. Calvert Legacy Circle Declaration Card.


Does my contribution really make a difference? 


Planned gifts have allowed us to continue to grow and meet the needs of our community. In the 1950's, MdHS opened it's doors to an average of 8,000 students per-year. 


But now, thanks to you and others like you, we now have the ability to reach over 100,000 students each year…..and we are not done yet!

What do you do next?

If you would like further assistance regarding making Maryland Historical Society part of your estate plans, or for other donation questions, please contact: David Belew at 410-685-3750 ext. 344 or [email protected]. Financial planners and attorneys can also help set up any of these options.